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Texas Spring Days

Texas Spring Days

Hello friends! Spring is definitely all around us in Southeast Texas which is awesome because we don’t usually have a spring. We go from this weird wintry type season where it rains a lot and every once and a while it might freeze {thought it hasn’t in 2 years!} to about a month of nice but probably rainy weather followed by heat, heat and more heat until it’s unbearable! Well, we’ve made it past the month of nice but rainy weather and this beautiful spring is sticking around. This new momma couldn’t be more grateful for the beautiful days and all the things we can do outside!

We spent so much time outside this weekend. As a runner, the weather has been perfect! I’ve taken a bit of a running hiatus the past few months to fully heal from injuries. Apparently that was one of the best decisions because Friday morning, I woke up and did my usual Friday morning thing: coffee with the husband, blog until Chloe wakes up, feed and snuggle that baby, finish blogging, play with Chloe and put Chloe down for a nap. Wild and crazy, I know! After I put her down, the weather was gorgeous: mid 60’s, sunny and breezy. Perfect morning to run…so I did! And I went out solo which rarely happens these days. I ended up doing 3.75 miles on Buffalo Bayou which is so close to my house.

Saturday I started the day with a 6 mile walk with my friend Chandra! We started at the Memorial Park stretching area which happens to be the meeting spot for our running group where we met almost 4 years ago! We took the long part of the loop around to Memorial Drive and walked to Starbucks, grabbed an ice coffee and then walked back. 6 miles in less than 2 house…bam! It’s so wonderful to have someone to do that with! We talk literally the entire time and never run out of things to chat about. I guess when you’re used to running for hours and talking with someone, walking and doing it is even better.

Later that day we went to Top Golf to celebrate Meena’s birthday! More time outside yay! We love Top Golf, but I haven’t been in forever and man does it show. JP wants to get me back out on the golf course, but I’m going to need a few lessons to get back to where I was prebaby. Chloe loved playing around on the floor and being passed from person to person. This girl loves attention!

We finished the evening having dinner with Auntie Annie and Uncle Steve. They live around the corner, so we met up at their house and walked to this new taco truck by them! It was SO delicious and I will definitely go back again.

Sunday we finished our outdoorsy weekend at the Shell Houston Open! We got out to the course just before noon, made our way through the freebies and then headed to the Shell tent for lunch! After we filled our bellies, we decided to walk around for a while before settling in at the 16 hole where we had passes.

We walked quite a ways stopping at each hole and tee to see who was there and watch them play. We saw some awesome shots and a guy put for eagle. We eventually headed back to the 16th hole but since we got there so late, we couldn’t find seats! We stayed anyway and watched some of the big names come through while I sipped some wine. I did sneak a picture of Phil!

To wrap up the day we headed back towards 18, stopped in the Shell tent for a snack, watched the last few guys come through and headed home to our girl! Chloe stayed with her Jojo and they had a day full of fun. It was nice to get out and have a day to ourselves, but I miss Chloe every time I leave her!

Overall it was an awesome weekend in Houston. There is so much to do outside on beautiful days around here; you just need to know where to go! Maybe I should create a blog post about that!

I hope y’all are having a wonderful Tuesday! If you aren’t, just remember that it’s not Monday anymore and hopefully your day will get better from there.

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