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Friday Faves

Friday Faves

one. flowers just because
A special someone bought me these on his way home from work just because he knows that I love how flowers bring a fresh beauty to our home. I’m not an expensive flower kind of girl. Really I just love the $5 or $7 bouquets you can get from the grocery store! If you live near a Trader Joe’s they have pretty flowers for cheap!

two. kale, broccoli slaw and tuna salad

 Breastfeeding has turned me into a hungry bottomless pit monster. I’m always hungry. Luckily, I work out and I’m back down to my prebaby weight, but I haven’t been eating the best. I’m working on getting more healthy fruits and veggies back in my diet and eliminating some of the extra cookies and chocolate that I’m constantly craving. This salad is so easy and you can exchange ingredients if you see something you don’t like!

Broccoli slow
Dried cherries
Sunflower seeds
Canned tuna or chicken
Balsamic vinegarette dressing
**Combine ingredients, mix together and enjoy! 
I didn’t put how much of each because I use a different amount each time. Make it as big or small as you want since your ingredients are good for you. Just go easy on the dressing!
three. princess shirts
Yup, still a Disney fanatic over here. I found this shirt at the Disney Store Outlet a few weeks ago and I finally wore it this week. I had to snap a quick pic to share. It’s so comfy and perfect for the warm days ahead! It’s also super easy to breastfeed in which is a big factor in the clothes I wear these days with my little wiggly girl.

four. this girl, smiles and Baby Bling Bows
I can’t get enough of her. Please excuse the mess that is behind my little blessing! These headbands are our favorites. If you sign up for e-mails, you’ll get notifications for when they go on sale!

five. rollerblading
My sister has been rollerblading for the past few years as exercise while she was in PT school. I’ve been talking about going with her now that she’s home and finally bit the bullet! We went 5 1/2 miles yesterday and had too much fun. I’m seriously excited to go again!
Side story: I broke my arm in 5th grade while rollerblading. I broke both my ulna and radius. One shattered and the other came through my skin. It was nasty and insane. I suppose that’s a story for another day!

Now go off and have a fabulous weekend y’all! I know I will!

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