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Friday Five Favorite Products Lately!
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Friday Five Favorite Products Lately!

Oh hey Friday! Happy April! But of course, it’s April which means it’s also April Fools! If you were here yesterday, you know that I’m not really a fan of April Fools Day. I’ll blame it on being gullible and people’s insensitivity with their jokes. Well what I’m bringing to you is no joke. I wanted to share my favorite products that I’ve recently purchased. They’re a little all over the place, so there is something for everyone.

I actually bought these just last week in a different pattern. I went out to the Houston Outlets last Thursday with my friend and I couldn’t pass these up! Mine have a pretty floral pattern with pops of neon orange and pink. I would show y’all a picture but I can’t find them on the interwebs, and mine are buried in my hamper from work Wednesday! They’re super comfy and fit great. I bought a medium because I’m always in between sizes on the bottom thanks to my strong thighs and huge bootie! If you’re looking for a new pair of work out bottoms try these. If you’re lucky enough to live near a Gap Outlet, go there for 40% off!
I may be behind the times on this one, but oh how I love this pencil. I actually only started using an eyebrow pencil 2 years ago after I had my make up done for my friends wedding. I felt beautiful and loved that the makeup artist was able to make my flat, splotchy eyebrows looks so good! Before I didn’t even know how to tackle them aside from attempting to pluck the crazy strays. She used this pencil, but it clearly took me too long to actually purchase it. I found a cheaper alternative and thought it worked great. Then I finally bought the Anastasia pencil and I won’t ever go back! 
I bought this walker last weekend for $65 from Babies R Us. It’s their store brand walker and it’s perfect and at a reasonable price! A few of my momma friends recommended getting a walker for this little one since she loves to stand and walk with support. I can’t believe I didn’t get one sooner! Moms to be, put one on your baby registry! I didn’t because I figured that the Exersaucer would be enough, but they really are different. Now Chloe can cruise around. I love watching her work her way around corners and back out of situations when she’s stuck. This one also collapses for easy transport, and the toys come off if you wanted to put something else on the tray!
I actually bought this back in January with money that I got for Christmas, but it has taken me a bit of time to figure out how it works! I made JP’s Grumpy shirt for our race back in January, but it was just iron on words. Lately I’ve been figuring it out and learning all the new things I can make with it! Again one of my momma friends is showing me the ropes and helping me figure it out! I made the cute onesie below just yesterday with the tips and iron on material that my friend gave me!

I bought this blanket from for $25. { is amazing and they have tons of Etsy-like and boutique deals for discounted prices. I’m obsessed.} This blanket is full size and they have even larger options. I bought it for our living room to use when we play on the floor. It can cover my carpet and Chloe’s foam puzzle for a softer and less hairy surface! I have another blanket I used, but now I need something that I can easily pick up and wash after being on the floor, attracting dog hair and getting puked on. It’s pretty, soft and cheap! Just like the last 3 items on this list, a momma friend of mine had this and I decided I needed it too! Here’s my angel napping on my friend’s which also prompted my purchase!

There you have it, my top five recent purchases! Aside from these things, I mostly buy baby food, baby toys and random things from Target. It’s an exciting life I live, I know. Who knows, maybe I’ll get extra wild this weekend and go to Target by myself! Gasp! But seriously, I just might. We have a low key Friday and Saturday followed by an exciting Sunday at the Shell Houston Open! It’s our 4th time to go and it’s always fun. We’re looking forward to a day date with just the two of us. JP’s mom is looking forward to a full day of Chloe and Jojo! Looks like a win win to me. We’re so lucky to have amazing mom’s and aunt’s who are so helpful and willing to help us out with this princess of ours! Now I hope y’all have a quick work day Friday and a wonderful weekend!

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