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A Day in the Life: October 2015
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A Day in the Life: October 2015

Earlier this week, I promised a glimpse into my day now that I’m working and I have my baby girl at home. Not every Monday is exactly like this, but this week was a pretty good depiction of my Monday work day! Here we go…

My alarm goes off! Yippie! Getting ready in the morning takes a lot longer now that I have Chloe Grace in my life. I usually hop out of bed and get myself ready in about 20 minutes. Luckily all I wear is Spandex, and I get to throw my hair up in a ponytail or bun with a swipe of mascara and I’m good to go!

I get to spend time with my girl! We go into her room where I nurse her in our rocker and decide what I’m going to do to torture my guys when I get to the gym. Then I stare at her, snuggle her and change her before putting her back to bed.


Finish getting everything ready. Is my pump in my backpack? Do I have a change of clothes in case I need it? Are my breakfast and snacks packed? I try to do these the night before, but sometimes forget. Then I make myself a rice cake with peanut butter and some coffee {super important!} before heading out the door.

Go to work.

Clock in and get situated at work. Set up for my Wake Up Call group training.


Train my Wake Up Call! Right now I have 3 guys. I recently took it over from CJ who has been doing it for the past 2 years. I’m hoping to spice things up and see if I can add a few new people to the mix. Here’s what I had them do this week!

It’s a killer workout and totally worth the challenge!

Train one of my runners. Usually I train my runners on Tuesday evenings and Wednesday mornings, but this week, I changed it up to fit schedules. Today I had him running for speed on the track. I can’t think of anyone who has told me they love speed work. It’s hard, it kind of sucks and it takes your breath away. On the plus side, it helps your training immensely! So do it!

Payroll Monday! Every other Monday, I do payroll. It’s pretty easy, just a bit tedious. I like being able to use my math and Excel skills from my former job. It’s good for the brain, plus it keeps me on top of things!

Locker Room duty! Not the most glamorous or exciting part of my day, but it has to be done. Take out the towels, make sure the showers are clean, wipe down countertops and restock toiletries. It’s easy to do and I know the members appreciate a clean locker room!

Time to pump. TMI? Sorry, but I have to do it. I just hole up in the back room and play on my phone or work on class ideas while I get food for Chloe!

Clean up the gym floor. At this point, Caitlin and Lauren have already started this process and I come down to help finish while saying, “Y’all could have waited for me!” And then they say they were bored or they might as well just do it.

The longest hour and 15 minutes in all the land. We hang out, talk, plan our classes and workouts together, walk around the track, complain about being cold and wish that time would go by faster! I also have my snack during this time: Cheerios and Greek yogurt, trail mix, gold fish, grapes, banana, something healthy and delicious. It’s so much easier to eat healthy at the gym.

Cycle Class! I teach cycling and it’s awesome. I love my class and I’m so glad they wanted me back after being gone for so long. I stopped teaching at the end of June because of my belly and back. Now I’m back at it and love it.

Tabata Class! My personal favorite and the most popular class at the gym. Score! I have such a great and encouraging group. It makes new people interested and they just keep coming back!

Wrap up at the gym and head home.

Get home and shower while Auntie Annie is still there to help me with Chloe.

Usually I immediately feed the beast…aka Chloe. She’s hungry and ready for attention from Mommy when I come home. This week, I got to eat lunch first because she was still sleeping.

This is when I finally get lunch. But like I said, Chlo and I swapped this Monday. Chloe woke up and really needed some Mama time, so she nursed for 45 minutes.

Relax and snuggle that baby girl.

Get a few things done around the house. Today I put away things in Chloe’s room and picked up the living room. Then Chloe and I played and did tummy time on her activity mat.

Daddy comes home! Of course, it’s just in time for Chloe to be hungry again, so we just lounge on the couch and talk about our days while Chloe eats to her heart’s content.

Dinner time. Yes, we’re old and we eat early. I’m usually starving by now. Today we were lazy and ordered pizza because it was half off! Plus I was exhausted and didn’t want to cook.

Sit around and do nothing. We take turns getting Chloe snuggles and just relax. I’m exhausted and kind of crabby by this point, so we watch Monday night football while I do my ankle therapy exercises.

Feed Chloe and start winding down our day.

Get ready for bed.

Bedtime. I’m down for the count, so Chloe and I go to bed while JP finishes watching the game.

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