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This Weekend I…
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This Weekend I…

It’s Tuesday! No longer Monday, but not quite Wednesday. Poor Tuesday. You know, Tuesdays used to be my least favorite day of the week. Now I don’t mind them so much since I get to sleep in and wake up with my sweet baby girl laying in her bed right next to mine. Bliss. Enough about Tuesdays, let’s talk about everyone’s favorite…weekends. This past weekend was absolutely wonderful!

Friday I…

  • …woke up early to tackle 7 miles! It’s my longest run postpartum and it felt great. I already talked about it and the power of positive thinking while training last Friday. If you’re needing a pick me up for your run training take a look!
  • …packed up and headed off to College Station with my man and my girl!
  • …enjoyed spending time and eating delicious food with our family and friends.

Saturday I…

  • …tailgated for Aggie Football! We actually went out to Spence Park for the first time this football season. Of course, we had to bring Chloe along all decked out in her best Aggie maroon attire. Since we were playing Alabama, the park was crazy and everyone was out and about. It was an awesome atmosphere!
  • …went to the football game too! That’s right, Chloe went back home to her JoJo and they hung out while JP and I went to the game with Kate and Nathan. I was excited to be there and it was pretty loud at the beginning, but as the Aggies threw more interceptions, the excitement died and the stadium quieted…a lot. We had potential to do well, but unfortunately, the Ags were defeated yet again by Alabama. At least it wasn’t as bad as last year!


Sunday I…

  • …enjoyed a gorgeous morning in College Station. JP and I drank our coffee outside in the crisp 58 degree air! That hasn’t happened all year!
  • …ate an always amazing brunch at the Gougler house then went for a nice walk with JP and Chloe outside to burn off a few calories and shake out my legs before heading back to Houston.
  • …went to Sugar Land to watch the Packers with my daddy! I also went on a 2 mile run during half time because I had a case of antsy legs. It’s a technical term. Science y’all. My legs wanted to go, so I decided to just burn off the energy.
  • …eventually made it home in time to wind down and call it a night before my early Monday morning wake up call!


About that Monday morning wake up call…I thought I’d share a fun Day in the Life post about days that I go to work and come home to my little princess! I had a great response to my post from last year, so why not do it again with my new, crazy life! Stay tuned to see what my Mondays are like these days.

Until then…happy Tuesday!

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