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A Day in the Life…{Workout Included!}

A Day in the Life…{Workout Included!}

…of Amy the personal trainer! I’ve never done a day in the life post and so many people ask about how my job is going. Since I quit working in the corporate world almost 1 year ago {gasp!}, I thought I’d give y’all a run down on the daily grind. Since today is Wednesday, I’ll give you my Wednesday schedule since every day is different!

Early Morning

Somewhere between 3:45 and 4:00AM
Time to wake up and get ready! Time varies based on thoughts below:
1. Do I need to shower?
2. If answer is yes, do I need to wash my hair?
3. No shower – 3:54
4. Shower – 3:50
5. Hair wash – 3:45
Awesome I know. Please note: I avoid washing my hair for as long as possible. Don’t judge me.

Better get to work! Luckily, it only takes me 10 minutes from door to door. If I leave at 4:40, I’m clocked in at the gym by 4:50am. Dark and early!

Get the gym ready for opening. Turn on lights, tvs and music, check the locker rooms, restock towels, tidy up the floor and make sure all weights are reracked!


Sit back and enjoy my coffee! Most mornings I don’t have a client or class until 6:00, but occasionally I’ll have a 5:30 client. Just means I have to put on my happy face a bit earlier. Good thing I’m a morning person! During this time I’ll also sit and chat with Lauren or Rick (depending on who is opening with me) or scroll through the interwebz catching up on the news and what not.
Train my regular Wednesday morning client. She’s once a week and fun to work with. In fact, I really enjoy all of my AM clients which is super important since it’s so early!
Time to teach! Every Wednesday I have my morning Cross Training class. We do something a little different each week. I like to keep everyone on their toes and change it up! I have about 6 regulars that love it because they never know what’s coming, so there is nothing to dread going into it! We do everything from cycle intervals, strength training, running, HIIT, track workouts, so on and so forth. This week I set up a 7 station circuit with some cardio and strength drill!

Towel run. Unload and restock towels after morning crew.

Late Morning

Weekly coffee date with CJ! Today was unsweetened iced green tea.

Clean the restrooms. Not the highlight of my day, but we have to get the towels, fill the stock room and the restrooms. Then we have to tidy up the restrooms, cleaning counters, restocking supplies and refill soaps, body wash and shampoo. Glamorous I know.

Varies from day to day. This is our down time. Nothing too exciting is going on at the gym and since I teach my class Wednesday mornings, I don’t have any more clients until lunch time! Chill out, relax, eat breakfast, blog, so on and so forth.


Time to train my awesome clients.


Teach my Strength Zone class! This is my favorite class and I teach it Mondays and Wednesdays at the same time. I usually have about 15-20 students which nearly fills up the class! It’s all about challenging my students. Go big or go home. Here’s what we’re doing this week!


Our track is 5 laps to a mile, so for the running portion, you can run 0.2 or 0.25 miles. You can also sub it out for 2 minutes of cardio!

Sometimes I train, but mostly I chill and start to wrap things up for the day.

Get home, get the dogs out and eat lunch while vegging on the couch catching up on the previous nights’ shows!

It depends on the day, but I have several options as to what I can do during this time:

  1. Run errands. Grocery strore, post office, shopping, whatever I may need to do usually gets done around this time.
  2. Take the dogs to the park or out for a walk. Walks are quick 10-15 minute intervals this time of year, so it hasn’t been happening lately and probably won’t until October. Stupid Texas summers!
  3. Continue to sit on my couch watching the DVR, playing on my computer or reading.
  4. Take a nap. The 3 o’clock hour comes very early.
  5. Shower or bath time. Depends on how sweaty I got that day or how sore my muscles are!



Prep and cook dinner! Or argue with JP over what to get for dinner. And by argue I mean, he just gets frustrated because I can’t make up my mind. Tonight I’m trying to make spicy thai turkey lettuce wraps.

Dinner time!

Veg out on the couch and snuggle time with my main squeeze. This is my time to unwind and chill out. I can’t be too busy in the evenings or I won’t be able to go to bed when necessary.

I need my sleep to function.

Sleep the night away, wake up and do it again! The best part is that each day is a little different. I have different classes, different clients and things happen at different times. I’m definitely loving my life as a fitness professional!


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