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Life Lately Photo Dump!
Life Lately

Life Lately Photo Dump!

Do you ever end up with all these pictures on your phone that you obviously took for a reason, but apparently never got around to using? I have over 1,000 pics on my iPhone {yes, I’m trying to delete some…it’s an ongoing process} and so many of them end up just sitting on my phone and computer. I’ve decided to rectify the situation and create a post now and again with those lonely pics. So here you have life lately…as in from Norway until now 🙂


one. Ashley and I ready for the 2nd USA match!
two. My man is in his prime during theWorld Cup.
three. Homemade sweet potato chicken nachos. So good!
four. World Cup game 3 party at the gym.
five. Beautiful
six. Margs with Molly
seven. This guy
eight. Love America. Love Texas more 🙂
nine. My Alex and me at the river house
ten. Mag & Moo taking care of me while I was sick, sick, sick.
eleven. Smoothies for my sore throat
twelve. Moose loves his walks!
thirteen. Trail walk/jogs in Sugar Land testing out my Mizuno Wave Hayate shoes
fourteen. Summer swims with Moose. He’s my water baby.
fifteen. I think Maggie is comfy at her home.
sixteen. My babes.
seventeen. Happy Anniversary to my momma and daddy! 28 years strong,
eighteen. Wine time. Love $2 Tuesdays
So that’s about it. After Norway, things were quiet for a week, then river weekend, then I got sick. Starting next week, travel picks up again and we’re pretty busy through most of August! Yikes!
Side note, my little seester turned 24 on Saturday! I posted this picture on Instagram this weekend, but I kind of wanted to put it on here too because I love my sister and she’s adorable.
That’s all for today. Happy Tuesday y’all!

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