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Remembering and Reflecting.

Remembering and Reflecting.

It’s hard to believe that it was 14 years ago that the 9/11 attacks occurred. I snapped the picture above four years ago while driving by our local fire department when we lived in Pittsburgh, PA. It was the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Here we are 4 more years later and I still get chills when I think about the events that happened on that day.   

I was a freshman in high school. I didn’t really know what the World Trade Center towers were by name. Someone had to explain to me those were the twin towers in NYC before I knew what people we talking about. (Give me a break, I was 13!) I was in 2nd period theatre class when the first plane hit. We were shocked, confused and scared. As the day went on, several kids were pulled from school to be with their families. During 4th period World Geography, we were watching the news when the second plane hit the other tower. It was insane and beyond comprehension. Why was this happening? What was going to come next? How many people have to die? It was an overwhelming day for a 13 year old, I couldn’t imagine enduring it as an adult with more understanding of what was truly happening.   

14 years and one child later, I feel like I have yet another take on the day’s events. Having a baby changes your perception of EVERYTHING. I’m sure many of you already knew that. This year, I think of all the children that were ken and didn’t get to meet their father or grandparents because of the attacks. How many firefighters had pregnant wives or just had a baby? How many business men went into work to make a living for their families and never made it home? Devastation. That’s all I can think of.   

As we do every year, remember all the lives we lost on this day 14 years ago. Remember the Heros who risked their lives, and some lost, in order to save the lives of so many. Remember the wives and children and parents who lost their loved ones. Remember those fighting the war on terrorism, fighting so that we can be free. Remember our country. Today lets forget our differences and problems. Let’s stand united as the greatest country. Remember this day, fight for our freedom and stand united. Our country has experienced so much tragedy the past few years. We need to move beyond it all as one.   

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