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A Laborless Labor Day
Chloe Grace

A Laborless Labor Day

I love three day weekends. Even though I still haven’t gone back to work, I still love three day weekends. Want to know why? More time with Chloe’s daddy! I love having extra time with him home to snuggle with us and do fun stuff. This weekend was definitely fun and kind of busy. It was still a Laborless Labor Day weekend though!

Thursday we packed up, put on one of the cutest outfits and Chloe and I headed to Nonna’s house! We spent the night there so JP could get a good night’s sleep. I ended up getting a great sleep because little miss decided to sleep from 10pm-3am. It was awesome and I was a proud momma. But let’s rewind to before bedtime. We didn’t do much besides relax, hang out and of course, bathe Chlo. My mom absolutely loves giving Chloe baths and I just love watching them!

Friday was a really fun day because everyone was at my parent’s by mid-afternoon! My dad was in town, Emily came home and JP was off work. We were just missing Benny Boy! Emily, Mom and I had a dress up session and photo shoot with Chloe. First we had to try on her pretty Cinderella tutu and then we had to get pictures for Matt’s football game. It was Senior Night on Friday and it was Chloe’s very first football game. She was such a good girl and loved cheering on her Uncle Matt!

top row: Awesome shots of Chloe in her tutu. She wasn’t ready to cooperate with us!
middle row: Our little cheerleader in training!
bottom row: Matt’s game. He even caught a touchdown for Chloe!

Saturday was the first Aggie game of the season and Tyler’s 30th birthday! We spent the morning having brunch with JP’s parents and their friends out in Katy before heading to Copperfield for game day festivities. The Ags played in Houston at Reliant Stadium again ASU and they decided to win as a birthday gift to Tyler! We had a blast tailgating and watching the game with so many of our closest friends, many of which were able to meet Chloe for the very first time. Again, she was such a good baby and loved getting to snuggle with her Aunts and Uncles.

top: All the guys. BFFs for ever and ever
middle: Chloe and Jack team rivals; Crave Aggie Cupcakes; me and my girl
bottom: Amazing appetizer and dessert spread by Ashley; my two favorite people in the whole world.

Mel – Alison – Amy – Ashley – Hanna Jo

Sunday and Monday were lazy days. Sunday Chloe, JP and I had a jams all day party! We stayed in our pajamas, cooked pancakes, snuggled, made funny faces and cleaned the house. We even ordered pizza in and just hung out together as our little family!

Monday we continued our lazy trend and had a relaxing morning before heading down to Sugar Land. My Aunt Dianne has been living with my parents since February and will be going back to Florida tomorrow 🙁 I wanted to make sure she had a day to just snuggle Chloe and love on her before she had to go home. We’re going to miss her so much! Luckily, I know she’ll be back next year and we’re already looking forward to it! While Aunt Dianne and Chloe snuggled, JP and I had some time to just hang out. Naturally, we played in the pool! It was my first time to go swimming since before Chloe and I was able to have fun, play our silly games and swim around. It was kind of our own little day date!

Life with Chloe continues to get better each day! She’s so much more alert and aware of what’s going on around her. It’s a joy to watch her develop her personality. Becoming a mom has been the biggest blessing and I love sharing our fun times with y’all!

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