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Game Day in College Station
Chloe Grace

Game Day in College Station

Last weekend was our first game day weekend in College Station this season! There is something special about being in College Station on a home game weekend and each year it gets better and better. (Last year and the year before!) Of course, this year was a little different for us. Here’s why:

  • We didn’t tailgate in Spence Park on campus.
  • I didn’t actually go to the game.
  • We have an extra addition to the family!
Yup, Chloe’s first game day weekending in Aggieland! It started with our traditional Friday afternoon trek up 290, pitstop at Buc-ee’s and then up Highway 6 to College Station! I love wearing my Lalabu Soothe shirt when we go on road trips, so I can just stick Chloe in the pouch and wear her around our pitstops. It’s way easier then carrying around her carseat or putting on my Moby Wrap or Baby Bjorn for a quick stop.

Friday night in College Station, we were reunited with my wonderful in-laws and some of their friends! We had a delicious dinner and lots of good conversation before I left Miss Chloe with her daddy and JoJo. I definitely needed some shuteye, so off to bed I went!

Saturday morning I woke up and was determined to go for a quick run because it was so beautiful outside! It takes me a bit longer to get going these days. I have to get out of bed and get myself ready, feed and change Chloe and pee about 10 times before I’m ready to run!

I was able to squeeze in 2.25 miles before I needed to shower and eat in preparation for game day. Well, really I needed to do that so I could go shopping. The Warehouse has awesome Aggie gear for great prices and Chloe and I needed more stuff. There is NO such thing as too many Aggie outfits! I got this cute shirt that I’m wearing in the pictures below!

After shopping, everyone started to arrive at JP’s parents’ house! We decided to tailgate here for the first game. It made the most sense since there aren’t as many people in our tailgating group plus this allowed for quick access to air conditioning and flushing toilets. The A/C is important because Miss Chloe Grace had to tailgate with us!

It’s safe to say she had a great time! Tons of people to love and snuggle her. We had a great time too because we had food, drinks, A/C, toilets and family at our finger tips. Tailgating at the Gougler’s was a win-win for all!

 When it was time for everyone to go to the game, Jody, Chloe and I stayed back to watch from the comfort of the couches! Actually, I dropped my friends off near the stadium since they had a car parked to take back to the Gouglers. This kept them from having to walk miles to get to the stadium! When I got back, I found Jody and Chloe so perfectly content and snuggly. Chloe loves her JoJo so so much!

We enjoyed hanging out just us 3 girls during the game. While I missed the excitement of seeing the new stadium, that’s about all I missed. The game was a complete blow out, luckily in our favor. I’m glad I stayed home since our group left at half time anyway!

My Aggie Princess was decked out in her Aggie onesie, a maroon bow (not on her in these pics!) and her Aggie blanket that Aunt Julie made her!

Sunday I set my alarm for 7:30am because I knew I wanted to get out and run again! The overnight low was in the mid-60s and we haven’t seen anything below 75 in months! I also knew that it wouldn’t last long, so even though I was tired, I went through my morning get ready routine and was out the door by 8:30am and it was 65 degrees with only 50% humidity. Y’all, we live in a constant 80-100% humidity and it’s always upwards of 90% in the mornings, so this was unheard of for September! I got 3.5 miles in which is my current longest distance since starting to run again 2 weeks ago! And it was a very hilly run but I maintained an average pace of 9:30…score!

After my run, it was time to pack up and head to Sugar Land. One of my dad’s best friends recently passed away in a freak accident, and instead of having a funeral, we had a celebration of his life. Of course, my dad wanted to have it at our house because my parents are awesome like that. Not to mention my dad is an amazing friend (and dad and poppa!)

 There were about 60 people there, an awesome turnout. So many people brought food to contribute that we ran out of space to put it all! It was a beautiful celebration for a wonderful man. We all miss Walter so much already. I’m glad that we were able to be there to support his family and my daddy.

Unfortunately or possibly fortunately, the only pictures I took yesterday were of Chloe. I can’t stop snapping pics of this girl! She was the hit of the party and brought even more joy to a potentially sad event.

Sunday we also watched our first full day of FOOTBALL! Unfortunately, the Texans got their butts kicked, but the Packers beat the Bears! Seeing the Packers win always lights up my Sunday. Beating JP in Fantasy Football also lights up my Sunday. I’m beating him in our friends league, but might lose in the family league. I also joined a Houston Blogger league this year and I’m pretty sure I’m going to win…sorry Emily!

Yet again, we had a wonderful weekend with friends and family. Weekends with this girl in our life are more full then I could imagine. How did we do life without her?!

Did you cheer on your favorite football teams this weekend?
Who do you root for?

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