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Workout Wednesday: Full Body Mini Circuit

Workout Wednesday: Full Body Mini Circuit

I’m about to shock y’all…it’s not a baby post! Since I can’t workout yet, I’m going to live vicariously through each of you. I have a workout to share that I’ve done before (at least a similar variation), and I want y’all to give it a try. Don’t forget to let me know what you think!

It’s time to sweat. You can do this outside if you live somewhere that isn’t absolutely miserable this time of year, or if you live in Texas, (or any other crazy hot state) you can do this inside your own home. No equipment required, but you should grab a medicine ball or weight if you’re up for a challenge and have it on hand! Let’s do it.


Here are some more details on the exercises listed in the workout above! Let me know if you have any questions about the movements or if you need a different variation due to injury or restrictions. I’d love to help!

Squat Jumps: Remember to be careful on the landing by bending your knees to act as a cushion. If you’re going to add a medicine ball or weight, press it over head as your jump up. You’ll give your shoulders an extra workout too.

Judo Push ups: See below. After (c) press your bootie into the air and return to position (a).

Judo Push Ups. See Women’s Health Magazine for further details!


Leg Raise: Keep legs as straight as possible. The straighter your legs, the more challenging the move. Plus you’re working on hamstring flexibility!

Leg Raise

Plank Jacks: Keep your core tight and stay in plank. If you notice your bootie rising up, flatten out and continue!

Plank Jacks

Mountain Climber Twist: Draw your knee up towards your opposite elbow. Start slow at first and then speed up the move for more of a challenge!

Mountain Climber Twist

There you have it! Your official Workout of the Week. We’ll call it Workout of the Week #1 post baby. I told y’all, I’m finding a flow and rhythm to my new world and it includes blogging more often. I want to continue to share my love of health and fitness while overwhelming you with cute baby pictures at the same time. It’s really all just A Balancing Act…

A total body circuit workout that you can do anywhere! #totalbodyfitness #circuitworkout #fitness #athomeworkout #garageworkout

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P.S. Chloe’s birth story part 2 will be posted on Friday!!!

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