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Finding a flow.
Chloe Grace

Finding a flow.

Getting into a groove.
Realizing a rhythm.
Starting a schedule.

Whatever you call it, I’m trying to find a way to re-normalize my life. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to put Chloe on a schedule at just under 3 weeks old. I’m just trying to find a way plan out my days while I’m home along with my little girl and can’t drive anywhere.

The past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind! Let’s just start with the fact that I had a baby. What? I know, crazy. (You can meet Chloe here!) We’ve had so many visitors and support which has been wonderful! This little girl is so loved; we are so blessed. Every day we’ve had something. Our mom’s taking turns spending the day with me while JP went back to work. Friends coming over in the evening to spend time with us and give me a little break. People cooking meals for us! (Seriously, a life saver because cooking still isn’t on my list of things to do.) Emily and JP constantly helping me clean up the house. The support is overwhelming. But now we’re starting to find a rhythm.

I’m at home. A lot. It kind of sucks for this busy body. I’m ready to be able to do more, to drive myself, to work out, etc. Instead of pushing it too hard, I’m taking everything day by day and picking up my activity level bit by bit. Until I can resume a normal routine, my focus is on introducing new things to little miss. Here’s what we’ve tried out so far (when we don’t have visitors)!

Playtime with our puppies! And by puppies, I mean puppy. Maggie is interested in her always and Moose could pretty much care less.

Nap and Playtime on our Boppy Lounger!

Bath time! She’s only had a couple in her tub, but she absolutely loves it.

Tummy time on her jungle play mat! Maggie is always sure to supervise all tummy time activities.


Snuggles with Momma and Daddy!

An occasional outing. This past weekend we went to a family friend’s couples shower out in Katy! She got to meet some of her “great aunts and uncles” and visit with her grandma and grandpa (actual names to be determined by Chloe as she grows up!) We also take trips out to Sugar Land to visit with my family. I spend at least one weekday out there to give me a chance to get out of my house which is wonderful! It gives me more chances to get naps and Chloe gets to hang out with her Nonna and great Aunt Dianne.
Naps in her swing! She likes it once she gets settled. Maggie has a habit of stopping it because she wants to peek in at her baby. I swear this dog is absolutely in love with her. It’s kind of cute.

So as you can see, we’re doing exciting things. We wake up and eat. Snuggle and eat. Play with the dogs and eat. Nap and eat. Swing and eat. Go on an occasional walk (only if Daddy is with us) and eat. Then throw in some poop and pee and some more naps all through out the day and eat. It’s not exactly the most exciting schedule, but I’m able to do more and more. Last Friday, I did laundry! On the weekends, we can go on morning walks! JP takes the pups and I take her in the jogging stroller. Life has changed so much since she came into the world and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I could stare at this girl all day long.


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