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Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice!
Chloe Grace Pregnancy

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice!

Happy Monday y’all! This past weekend was quite the doozie! I did so much in just three short days from doctors appointments to shopping to party prep to party time! This is the party that I’ve been waiting for since I found out I was pregnant…our gender reveal!

We had such an amazing turn out with tons of friends and family surrounding us to find out the big news. Lots of food, candy, cupcakes, drinks and fun!


After about an hour of chitter chatter and mingling, I couldn’t wait any longer, so we ushered everyone outside before the rain came.


My mom made the cutest trunk. She put so much love and effort into this party and I couldn’t thank her enough! Best mom/grandma-to-be of the year award right here.


After a few pictures and a lot of anticipation, it was time to open the trunk…
IT’S A GIRL!!! Y’all, I can’t even begin to tell you how shocked and excited I was. I pretty much had it set in my mind that it was going to be a boy. I’m not sure why, but I really thought boy boy boy. It’s not a boy, but I couldn’t be happier. This little girl is going to be spoiled rotten!


Of course Maggie and Moose were running around like excited little crazies the whole time. I’m pretty sure they’re excited to have a little human sister. But not as excited as Emily is to have a little niece!
It’s safe to say that everyone is excited. My sister-in-law posted about her joy and excitement as soon as my mother-in-law sent her pictures! Alison has dreamt that I was going to have a little girl, so she was convinced and clearly right!




This is one of my favorite pictures of the whole day! If only we could have Kate and Ben in the picture, it would be complete! I love how close our families are. It will make raising this little girl so much fun!



In a few short months, we will be welcoming Miss Chloe Grace Gougler into the world with open arms and hearts. I can’t wait to continue on this journey with my wonderful husband. He is going to be the most perfect daddy to his little girl. I’m pretty sure she already has him wrapped around her finger. I believe on Saturday he already mentioned that he has a few shotguns and knows how to use them! Definitely protective already.

Thank you to everyone who came out to be there with us! It means so much to have y’all walking through this adventure with us! And those of you that couldn’t make it…it was a busy weekend and we completely understand! We’re still overwhelmed with the love pouring out from all our family and friends. Get ready y’all…Chloe is coming and if she’s a mini me, I’m sure we’ll need lots of helping hands!

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