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Showers, Sunshine and The Book of Mormon

Showers, Sunshine and The Book of Mormon

Good morning and happy Tuesday! I’ve decided to make Tuesday the new Monday in my little corner of Blogland. I’m not very good at posting on Mondays apparently. Oh well, se la vie!

I was completely shocked on Friday with the overwhelmingly positive response I got from my first bumpdate post! I’m so excited to share this journey with y’all and I’m glad that y’all are excited to follow along. I’m happy to be into my second trimester, but still awaiting all the positive side effects. Where is this magical energy everyone speaks of? Oh and I still have a bit of morning sickness every once in a while **cough, this morning, cough*. I’m sure waking up at 4am has something to do with it…anyway, enough about that until Friday 🙂

Friday – Showers

This weekend was pretty awesome. I loved having Friday completely off. I was able to run and relax before heading to my parent’s house to plan the gender reveal party with my momma! Some of you were asking why my mom will know next Tuesday the gender of Baby G and I won’t know until the 28th. Well, we’re having a gender reveal party on the 28th and I decided that I want to find out then! Instead of just surprising our friends and family, we will be surprised as well! Only my mom will be in on the little secret. She’s pretty excited. We got a lot of planning done: menu is set, invitations ordered, décor planned and we went to the thrift store to get tons of pink and blue dishes, vases and platters. A Friday well spent if I do say so myself! We even finished it off with a mother daughter date to see my high school’s musical Zombie Prom. Since some of my brother’s friends were in it, we wanted to go and support them!


Saturday – Sunshine

After a week of gloom and rain, we had the most glorious 70 degree and sunny weekend. It is February right? Oh yes, it is and spring may just be on it’s way. I spent tons of time outside with the pups reading in the backyard and taking my little hooligans on walks. We went on 3 walks actually. They’re spoiled rotten.


Sunday – Book of Mormon

We started the day with church and errands before relaxing for a bit. This pregnant lady needed to take a nap in order to stay up a bit later that night because I had a hot date. Last Wednesday, I decided that I wanted to go see The Book of Mormon. A friend of mine told me that there were tickets still on sale and it was finishing up this week. I talked to JP and told him that it could be an early Valentine’s date or something. I’m so glad that we decided to splurge and get tickets last minute! I happen to love the theatre. (I did a little acting myself in high school! The Queen of Heart was my favorite role 🙂) JP has enjoyed the few shows we’d been to together and I knew that this would be right up his ally based on everything I heard about it! He LOVED it! And so did I. I laughed so hard and had a huge smile the whole evening. The acting and singing was phenomenal and it has me craving more Broadway! JP and I even talked about some other shows that are coming up and possibly going. Might as well do it now while we don’t need a baby sitter right?!


And here we are again in the midst of another week. Luckily next Wednesday, I’ll be heading to Disney World! Guess I need to get to packing and finishing up my super awesome costumes! More on those soon…

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