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16 Week Bumpdate


16 Week Bumpdate

Another Friday and another week of being pregnant! I still haven’t found that I enjoy being pregnant, but I love that little Baby G is growing and healthy inside me! My bump is still pretty little bitty, but to me it’s starting to look more like a bump!

How Far Along? 16 weeks

Size of Baby: An avocado!

Weight Gain: Up about 4.5-5lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight

Maternity Clothes: The beauty of wearing spandex to work is comfy and stretchy work clothes! I did decide to retire one pair this week. They’re tight right around the wrong part of my midsection which got uncomfortable pretty quickly! I still fit into my jeans, just need to unbutton them after I eat 🙂

Stretch marks: Not yet and hopefully never!

Symptoms: Headaches, nasal congestion, appetite increase (maybe just from my workouts, who knows!)

Cravings: Peanut butter and jelly, Goldfish, hummus with veggies and pita, all fruits (cold and delicious)

Gender: We find out on February 17th, but only my mom will know until our gender reveal on February 28th!

Mood: So happy! A bit less moody this week. Yay!

Nursery: Hoping to start in March! I have ideas for both boy and girl 🙂

Movement: Possibly! They say you can expect to feel your first movements between 16-20 weeks. Yesterday I felt this little flutter and then again in the same exact spot a moment later. I know it wasn’t gas or digestion, so I’ve decided it has to be! Now I’m just dying to feel them again.

Sleep: Depends on the night. I have about one potty break a night and can’t seem to sleep past 6am, but I’m in bed by 8pm.

Workouts: Did great this week!
Sunday: Rest/lots of walks with the pups
Monday: Tabata class – 6 rounds
Tuesday: 45 minute Spin class
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 3 mile walk with JP and the pups
Friday: Teaching spin class and an arm &ab class this afternoon!
Saturday: Planning to do roughly 10 miles depending how I feel

What I Miss: Running at my normal pace and sleeping through the night!

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On

Anything making you queasy or sick: Waking up at 4:00am. I’m still feeling a bit of morning sickness on the two mornings that I’m at the gym by 4:45. Not fun that early in the morning and I’m by myself, so no calling in sick! 

Best Moment This Week: Feeling my little flutters and spending lots of time with JP since he was able to work from home most afternoons.

Labor Signs: No

Looking Forward To: Seeing Baby G at our doctor’s appointment this coming Tuesday, Baby G’s first flight on Wednesday, and a week at Disney World with my best girls!


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