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2015 Aramco Houston Half Marathon Race Recap
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2015 Aramco Houston Half Marathon Race Recap

Now that the cats out of the bag, most of you know the real reason why I switched down from the full to the half! And why I wasn’t feeling well and not training properly. I was sick! Constant nausea and lack of food doesn’t make for very good half marathon training runs. In fact, they suck. Based on my December/January training runs, I was pretty sure that I was going to finish around 2:30. I wouldn’t have been upset about that, but somehow, I managed to pull through and kind of do pretty awesome.

Friday, I went to the Expo with JP, Chandra and Melanie! We were able to get some tasty freebies, discounted running clothes and a nice little walk to shake out our pre-race nerves. I’ve always thought that considering the size of the Houston Marathon, the expo isn’t really all that exciting. The best part is the discounted clothes from the local running stores: Luke’s Locker, Finish Line Sports, Fleet Feet, etc. There aren’t that many freebies or swag being handed out which is kind of a bummer. It’s still fun to walk around and enjoy the atmosphere and energy of race weekend.


Saturday was low key. We did a few things around the house and took the pups on some short walks, but other than that, nothing crazy. That evening we met up with Michael, Chandra and Melanie to go to Vincent’s for dinner just like last year. It’s a delicious Italian place within walking distance of our house. Last year they had a great marathon special with penne pasta, veggies, grilled chicken and a light olive oil sauce. It was perfect even though I wasn’t actually running the full marathon and I didn’t really need all the carbs. Oh well, Baby G wanted it and I couldn’t say no 🙂

Sunday started dark and early with a 5:00am alarm.


I was ready to go and popped out of bed with excitement. I guess my early wake up calls during the week make 5:00am seem like nothing. We got ready, snapped some pictures, picked up Melanie down the street and were on our way to George R. Brown! We had to be in our corals by 6:40, so we hurried to drop our bags and snap some pictures before parting ways: Chandra and Melanie were in Coral A and I dropped back into Coral B since JP was in B and I wanted to run with him!


By about 7:07am, we were off. I always get a rush of excitement as a race begins, but I felt true elation as the race kicked off this year. I was a bit emotional as I thought how amazing Houston is for coming out and supporting the runners. How amazing my husband is for pushing me through and helping me run. How amazing my body is to be able to grow a baby and let me continue with my passion. I got a little teary eyed…thanks pregnancy hormones….but they didn’t last too long.


The first several miles were great. The weather was beautiful and Houstonians were out on the streets showing all of their support! Seriously, the course is lined with people. There are only a few parts of the course that aren’t packed with people. The cheering and signs alone make the race fly by. Just before Mile 4, we saw Chandra’s husband Michael cheering us on! Seeing a friendly face on the course is the best motivation, so we kept on going with a pep in our step. We were holding a great pace and it was something I thought I could potentially hold for the remainder of the race. That is until mile 4.5 happened…

…y’all I fell. No lies. Not a little fall either. A flat on my face fall. Details. I know you want details. I tripped over an overfilled former pothole with a crack in it. My right toe got caught in the crack, my left leg lunged forward, I stutter stepped and then next thing you know, I’m flat on my face. But you know what the best part is? I was back up on my feet before I really knew that I ate it. There has never been a time that I was so thankful for the upper body strength I’ve gained over the past few years. I literally tripped and essentially did a burpee at mile 4.5 of the Houston Marathon. No big deal. JP didn’t even realize that I had fallen until I was back up and people were asking if I was okay. Now let’s move on past mile 4.5…

After my epic fall, everything continued to go smoothly. We slowed down a bit for me to catch my breath, calm down and lower my heart rate a bit. By mile 5 we were back to our steady pace and just trekking along. At mile 8, the half split from the full and it felt so good to go straight and not turn left for the marathon this year. So great! The rest of the race was straight down Montrose to Allen Parkway and into downtown. All roads that I run often since we pretty much ran past our house.

Mile 10 I was kind of getting tired of running and I needed to pee. I was taking fluids at every station switching between water and gatorade because getting dehydrated while pregnant was not something I wanted to do to me or Baby G. Especially Baby G! Luckily at mile 11 the livelihood pick up, the spectators were rows deep and I only had 2 miles to go. We hadn’t stopped to walk yet, so I wasn’t about to start now. I had a second wind and it took me to the finish line.


JP and I finished in exactly 2:05:00. This is about 20-25 minutes faster then I was anticipating based on the past few weeks of training! I was so proud of us and it felt amazing to cross the finish line with him. He was with me every step of the way. Supported me. Pumped me up. And made me feel like a rockstar. {I kind of won in the husband department. Sorry ladies, he’s clearly very taken and no, he doesn’t have a brother 🙂}

I’m super proud of Chandra and Melanie for finishing the full marathon like rock stars! Chandra crushed her 3:45 marathon goal and finished two minutes faster! Melanie not only finished, but did it while sick and feeling miserable. 3 miles is miserable when sick, let alone 26.2. I’m so proud of my girls and I’m beyond thankful that running brought us together!


This race turned out completely different then the race I envisioned when I signed up back in May. I originally planned on running the full. I wasn’t quite pregnant when I decided to switch to the half, so I was planning on trying to shoot for a new PR, sub 1:50. Clearly this didn’t happen. I found out I was pregnant and just wanted to run with my husband and I ended up killing it considering the circumstances! Running is something that I love. It’s a passion that I plan on continuing throughout my pregnancy. Or at least until I can’t anymore. My doctor told me to just keep going as long as I can and I intend to take her advice. That being said, next up Disney Glass Slipper Challenge! 5K Friday, 10K Saturday and 1/2 marathon Sunday. Bring it on Disney! Just 4 short weeks away 🙂

Any questions about running during your first trimester or working out?
I’ve officially endured it and would love to help out in any way I can!

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