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We Love Houston


We Love Houston

Over the past few years, JP and I have successfully made ourselves as busy as possible. I love to explore and tend to make JP jump in and explore with me! We travel a ton, but even when we have a “relaxing weekend at home,” there isn’t much relaxing about it. I like to say yes to everything and explore! That being said, so many people don’t love Houston, especially this time of year. Personally, I love Houston. There’s so much to do on our weekends we’re in town!


  • Home Goods shopping in River Oaks for new living room accents…sneak peek coming soon!
  • Chillin’ out, relaxin’, actin’ all cool…oh wait, that was the Fresh Prince…
  • Dinner date at Lupe Tortilla with my main squeeze!
  • An attempt to watch Divergent after purchasing it on DVD. Now I love this book series and the movie, but I was too exhausted to stay up and watch it! Unfortunately, this wild party animal was passed out on the couch by 8:30pm.



  • Early wake up call for week 1 of Runner’s High running club! I almost didn’t go because I was so tired, but I’m really glad that I decided to get my bootie out of bed. A nice, easy 5.5 miles was in store for us from Memorial Park to Uptown Park. Let marathon training season begin!
  • Errand running before heading to my parents’ house in Sugar Land! Look at what we got…


  • Amanda’s 25th Birthday Celebration!
    • We invited a bunch of friends to my parents’ to celebrate my cousin’s 25th 🙂 She just moved here from North Carolina with a friend and was in need of a fun, relaxing day!
    • Food, fun and drinks were had by all that’s for sure!


Maggie wanted the dino piñata SOOOO bad!


All the beautiful ladies! Caitlin – Ashley – Alison – Alex – Amy – Amanda…lots of A’s!


  • We swam, played basketball, threw washers, talked…a lot…, grilled fajitas, played with the pups, drank margaritas and had an amazing day! It was just what the doctor ordered.


  • Lounged around outside in my parents’ amazing backyard, sipping coffee and reading the paper.
  • Laid outside with a good book.
  • Went swimming one more time with Mr. Moose
  • Ran a few errands and spent the rest of the day relaxing until…
  • Fantasy Football Draft!!!

It was a great weekend, equal parts busy, productive, fun and lazy! I love our weekends in Houston! Next weekend, we’re back to gallivanting around the US! Here’s to another Monday and another week. {A short one for me! Score!}

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