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Under Armour: Armour 39
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Under Armour: Armour 39

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Under Armour. All opinions are mine and mine only!

Every new year we all make some sort of resolutions. Year upon year the top resolution is to lose weight. Did you know that only 8% of people who make resolutions actually achieve them?

What if you had a little extra motivation. A little extra something to hold you accountable. Something to help you go the extra mile. Something to put proof into just how hard you work. Enter Armour 39 by Under Armour. Armour39 is an athletic performance monitor designed for any athlete and any sport. It monitors all the statistics that you’re dying to see as proof that you accomplished something: workout duration, heart rate, calories burned, real- time intensity and WILLpowerTM. Whatever your workout, Armour39 accounts for every movement and tracks your vitals the whole time.



Armour39 comes with a chest strap and module that plugs directly into the strap. This allows you to store your workout data even when out of range from your phone. To accompany the module, you download the Armour39 app from the App Store and set up your profile. Plug the module into the chest strap, put on the strap and pair the module to the app which takes only seconds. Your first step is to perform the 10-minute Assessment to get the most accurate read on your workouts. And you’re set to go from there!

Once you’re assessment is complete and you’re ready to start your workouts, plug the module into the chest strap and put on the strap. Connect the module to the app and start your workout. After your workout, end the workout in the app before taking off the strap. Remove the module from the chest strap to preserve the battery life.

You can also purchase a display watch as an alternative display to the  mobile app at an additional price!


I love how Armour39 works for nearly** every workout! I can wear it for a run, during a spin class or even while kick boxing. Above is just a sneak at some of my stats following a Combat Cardio Kickboxing class I taught at my gym! Above shows heart rate, intensity and calories burned. You can also network with the Armour39 community by posting to Twitter and Facebook! **{Side Note: The chest strap is sweat proof but not water proof, so don’t wear it in the pool!}


Above is a shot of the full screen upon completion of your workout! I took this snap shot upon removing my chest strap, but usually the average heart rate and intensity is displayed!

Above you can see a shot of the same workout from the Calendar. There you can see all of you past logged workouts on Armour39. Part of the reason so many people give up on their resolutions is that they are not seeing progress and results. People expect to see results quickly without realizing the progress that is made. Progress and results are not initially seen on the scale, but are shown by how we feel. Those needing that visual, tangible progress will love this product! Armour39 tracks progress, shows results and helps you reach your goals! So what have you got to lose? Give it a try!

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