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First Friday Five of Fourteen!

First Friday Five of Fourteen!

It’s Friday! And it’s such a weird week with the mid-week weekend thanks to the New Year! Since it’s Friday, here are some of my favorite moments from 2014 thus far! 
New Years Eve party at the Waite’s was perfect! Good friends, good food and a great end to a nerve wracking Aggie football game! An excellent way to end 2013 indeed!
The ladies at NYE minus Amber! Naps are needed when you get up early and need. To stay up late!
Alison snapped this when I was getting a New Years kiss from my main squeeze!
Kicked off the new year teaching two classes on January 2nd: cross-training and combat cardio kick boxing! Here we’re doing a bit of track work in my cross-training class. 

A beautiful sunset over the Brazos Bayou. It would have been even better if we weren’t moving in the car! Hoping to catch more of these this year 🙂

What are your favorite moments of this year? (There can’t be too many ;))


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