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Where do I come from?
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Where do I come from?

Over the past 2+ years, I’ve put my heart and soul into this blog. I’ve shared so much information with the world wide web. I’ve shared my loves, my goals, my fears, my family, my passions, my puppies and so much more. I’ve introduced y’all into my world, into my now. But I’ve never really dove into where I come from. What and who made me who I am today?


3 months old at Christmas! Yes, I was born with a full head of black hair.

I am the oldest daughter of two U.S. Army officers. Yes, I said two. As is my dad and my mom. Pretty cool right? My dad went to USMA at West Point and went on to serve his time in the Army Core of Enginners. My momma graduated from USF with a nursing degree and joined the army as a nurse! Needless to say, I was born on an army base in Ft. Stewart, GA and then moved around quite a bit before we truly settled in Houston, TX when I was 10.


Father-Daughter Dance 1993-4ish

I am very close to my parents. They are my role models and I look up to them in so many ways. I have learned so much from them and I believe I am a true mix of them both in looks and personality. Having two former army officers as parents has made me very obsessed with time, order and structure. I like to think it is also what made me responsible and relatively level-headed. I got my stubbornness from both of my parents. I got my loudness from my daddy. And I got my sweetness {and my sourness for that matter 🙂} from my momma.


High School Graduation May 2005

I am the oldest of four children. I love having so many siblings and couldn’t imagine it any other way. Being the oldest is probably the reason I developed a sense of responsibility and bossiness. My sister was given the motherly gene. My brothers were given the giant genes…they’re both over 6’3″. The boys are also sweeter than Emily and I.

Having three siblings is definitely an adventure. Family outings that should be easy never are. Road trips can be the best or worst time of your life. And there is never a dull moment when all of us are together. Now that we’re all living in different cities, holidays are the best time because we’re always back together.


July 2000. We’re just so stinkin’ cute!

My family is everything to me. Over this past year, I’ve realized this more and more. People will come and go from your life. Even if you think they’ll be around forever, you could be wrong. No matter how bad it hurts, you’ll always have your family. They’ll always be there for you. And they’ll always pick you up. I have 6 people to pick me back up. Mom, Dad, Emily, Ben, Matt and JP. I’m a pretty lucky girl. These are the people who helped shape me and make me the strong, confident woman I am.


Spring 2007

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