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My Little Norwegian

My Little Norwegian

I’m so excited for this weekend to be here! For the first time in years…since my wedding actually…my whole family is going to be together. That’s right all 8 of us. Tonight this guy flies in from Colorado for the week!
So excited for my Benny Boy to be home!
And tomorrow, my little Norwegian gets here from…well obviously Norway! One time I told someone that I had a Norwegian living at my parents’ house and they thought we kept her like a pet. No we don’t keep her in a cage. In fact, she usually gets my room. So don’t worry, no Norwegians were harmed in the creation of this blog post.
At Astroworld circa 2004…clearly a long time ago since it no longer exists! We’re babies!

But seriously, I’ve talked about Charlotte before…here, and other places but I don’t feel like searching right now…

I’ve known Char since she was in 2nd grade. Her and my sister are best friends and she used to live just down the street from us when the girls were in middle school.

Her family moved back to Norway just before she started high school {note: Em & Char are 3 grades younger than me}. After she decided she didn’t want to be in Norway, she came to live with my family! It worked perfectly because I was starting college so Char got to take control of my room. This also meant awesome sleepovers when I came home 🙂
Sometime in 2006 at the Apple store because we’re cool like that.

I’ve considered Charlotte a sister for as long as I can remember. She is an integral part of our family and I couldn’t imagine our lives without her.

After she moved back to Norway to finish high school, we all finally got to go to Norway and visit her stomping grounds! It was Em’s second time since she visited back before Char came to live with us! We were able to spend Christmas and New Year’s in Lillehammer!

Yes, we went on a real live one horse open sleigh. Jealous? Christmas 2007

So naturally when JP proposed Charlotte was going to be one of my bridesmaids! My NOH or Norwegian of Honor of course! I always say that I have 5 siblings. Emily, Ben and Matt clearly have the same blood running through their veins, but I could never forget Charlotte or Kate {my SIL!}.

Not only in Charlotte coming to visit us for two weeks, but she’s actually moving in with JP and I! That’s right, Charlotte was selected for an internship in Houston, 1 mile away from my house with a Norwegian firm. She was selected out of over 200 candidates and will be with us from August until December. I’m pretty pumped for our big adventure! I’m beyond excited for her to get here and to have this quality time that I’ve missed so much!

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So happy Friday y’all! Hope you’re weekends are as awesome as mine is about to be!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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