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Work it Out Wednesday

Work it Out Wednesday

I’m debating whether or not that title sounds like a lot of fun or a lot of pain. I guess we’ll see. Since finishing my marathon back in January, I haven’t stuck to running as often as I would like. Maybe because my world doesn’t revolve around running anymore. Or maybe because I’m finding time to bring other activities into my schedule. Or maybe because I’m not sharing my workout plans with the blog world to hold me accountable. It’s up for debate, but D all of the above sounds about right to me.

I like being held accountable. Maybe that’s why I loved training in a running club. If I missed a weekday track or hill practice, my running buddies would ask where I was. If I missed a Saturday long run, they hold me to a high standard knowing I’ll get it done on my own time. So here I am, not currently training for a marathon, but needing accountability. Oh hey friends, that’s where you come in! I’m going back to posting my workouts for the week! Plus I have a new one for y’all to try out!!!

This Week’s Workouts
Monday: OFF – Rodeo Houston!
Tuesday: 2 mile walk with Maggie + Strong Arms & Sexy Legs (see below)
Wednesday: 3 mile run + arm workout
Thursday: 4 mile run
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 11 mile run
Sunday: 3 mile run

21 running miles this week. Not too bad! Now I just need to get my booty in gear 🙂 Oh and about that Strong Arms & Sexy Legs workout. Wanna try it out? Take a look!


There you have it! Alternate between the arm and leg exercises. Clearly, arms on the left, legs on the right. Start with 10 judo push ups, then 20 squats, then 15 tricep dips, so on and so forth. As usual, you can find pictures of several of these exercises over here!

Here are some great things about this workout:

  1. It only takes 15-20 minutes depending on the length of time it takes you to transfer between exercises!
  2. You can easily do this twice to have a solid workout if you want to feel sore the next day!
  3. Change it up and substitute different arm and leg exercises.
  4. You don’t need any weights! All body weight baby which means it can be done anywhere! Okay almost anywhere. {You need a little space. I wouldn’t recommend doing this in a bathroom, coat closet, pantry, etc. You get the picture 🙂}

Next week I’ll have a new workout which will include some hand weights! Get excited and get fit y’all!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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