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1st Annual Jim Timmer Invitational Birthday Classic

1st Annual Jim Timmer Invitational Birthday Classic

Okay let me set the stage for you. My family is awesome. I may be a little bit biased, but I truly believe that they’re absolutely fantastic. Let’s just say that God blessed me {or maybe them?} when he made me part of this family. We’re pretty cool. Kind of crazy. And a whole lot of fun. We like to be moving around, playing all types of sports and involving ourselves in friendly competition. {The friendly part is debatable some days!}

When we all are together {which is becoming more and more rare} we attempt some sort of game or competition. Some examples: Ultimate Frisbee, tackle  touch football, darts, random games involving golf clubs, basketballs, hockey sticks and golf balls, so on and so forth.

Sunday was Daddy’s birthday and the kids all went in together and got him a pretty sweet gift. Check it out.

Yes, those are customized Green Bay Packers corn hole boards with matching drink holders. Are you jealous yet?

So what does the Timmer family do when they are given a new piece of equipment that could potentially turn into a competition? They set up a double elimination tournament of course! 
We had 10 people at the house on Sunday. The 5 Timmers, 2 Gouglers, Matty, Kristin and Emily’s friend Emily. Confusing I know. I named them EmilyDee and EmilyDum. My sister being Dum of course. I love her. Unfortunately Birthday Boy and Matt Lewis we’re the first to be knocked out of the tourney followed by Kristin and I. Next out were EmilyDee and Mom. The final round was Emily and JP versus Ben and Matt. The boys had to win twice to knock ET and JP out of the competition.

We’re serious about competition here at the Timmers 🙂 We’re really loud which makes things even better. For most of the tourney, Kristin and I were either baking, drinking mimosas or sitting on the hood of Dad’s car.

I forgot to zoom out, but I like it 🙂 In the end, JP and Emily won despite Ben and Matt defeating them once. Don’t worry though, champions don’t go unrecognized around here.
Of course there was some champion dancing, a photo shoot and Dad had some Packer Power Awards made. This year was the 1st Annual Jim Timmer Invitational Birthday Classic. And don’t you forget it! Please note below that the award was presented by the Birthday Boy himself. Signed, sealed and delivered.

We know how to have fun. Unfortunately, since Dad lost and JP was still in the tourney, Daddy ended up being the grill master on his birthday 🙂 He didn’t seem to mind too much!

All in all it was such a fun day! I love having all of my family together and it’s even better when amazing friends are involved.

As usual, Maggie didn’t want to leave her grandparents house so she crawled into her grandma’s lap and pouted. By the look of this picture, you would think I just beat her or something! Nope, just told her it was time to go home. Poor baby.

How do y’all spend time together when your entire family is around?
Any friendly competitions y’all have?

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Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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