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Babies, Graduations & Christmas Lights!

Babies, Graduations & Christmas Lights!

It’s the last Monday of work before Christmas!!! Yippie! I don’t know y’all, but I had a pretty amazing weekend. My big surprise was that my Andrea and her little Charlie were coming to Texas! It was a big surprise for my sister-in-law Kate, so I didn’t want to spill the beans on the blog since she reads it.

Now prepare for an amazing picture overload. I promise they aren’t too boring 🙂

Friday after work, we spent the evening with my family in Sugar Land. Everyone wanted to hold and love on little Charlie…how can you not love this face?

Funniest. Picture. Ever. This doesn’t even look like him, but I love it so much!

Saturday morning, I was supposed to sneak in a 13 mile run, but my head cold moved into my chest. You can run with head congestion, but it isn’t recommended with chest congestion. Plus, I’m notorious for getting bronchitis when I over do it. So I decided to save myself for this coming weekend since I have to run 22 miles! I was already up bright and early so I decided to go to the aid station for our runners to hang out with Chandra and cheer on our running mates.

After I got home, we were off to College Station. First stop, lunch at La Bodega!!! This is mine and Andrea’s happy place. We used to go here every Wednesday night after my step class for tacos and shakers!

Apparently Charlie isn’t a big fan of La Bodega 🙂 We got him cleaned up and headed to campus for a walk down memory lane.

These two pictures were taken in the brand new MSC – Memorial Student Center – on campus. They started remodeling it after our senior year of college. It was old and out dated and now it is beautiful!

The academic building…Andrea and I walked by this every day to get to class. It’s so beautiful and rustic.

We had to grab some pictures under the Century Tree! We also walked by our ID {industrial distribution – our major} buildings. I have pictures of them, but they’re actually not very pretty. After walking for a bit, Charlie fell asleep. We’re pretty sure he liked the campus though. We’re just glad we got him here before he got to visit ‘Bama! {Andrea’s fiance is a ‘Bama boy}

We went to the Gougler residence to prep for Kate’s party and smother Charlie with more love!

The hubs looked adorable with Charlie. Melt my heart. Seriously. And to think, he’ll be the father of my babies one day. I’m a lucky girl!

Stockings at the Gougler’s! I had to snap a pic!

By 4:00pm the party was under way. Kate managed to make hundreds of jello shots and they were pretty good! Too bad I wasn’t feeling so hot because there were jello shots, sangria, a margarita machine and a keg. It was a hoppin’ party!

I’m so glad I remembered to snap a pic of Anne, Charlie and I with the new college grad! Kate graduated from UT-Dallas with a major in History. She already has a job and is teaching World Geography at Skyline High School in Dallas. I’m so proud of my seester!!!

Sunday morning rolled around it’s safe to say we rolled out of bed quicker than Kate and her friends. We went to bed around 11:00pm while they went to bed around 3:00am. Luckily for them, the most amazing hosts in the world {my in-laws duh} made a wonderful breakfast spread. I seriously need to make Jody’s pancake casserole. It’s addicting. After brunch we were off to run some errands. Then a quick stop by mine and Anne’s other favorite CS restaurant…Blue Baker!!!

We even took a picture in front of the sign we love it so much! After that we were off to the airport…it was a sad good bye, but luckily I’ll see them at Disney World in February!

Sunday night, the hubs and I went over to Chandra and Michael’s house for dinner and driving around River Oaks looking at Christmas lights! I snapped a few good shots…

Then we went home and went to bed at 9:45pm because we’re cool like that. What did you do this past weekend? Anything exciting? Don’t forget to link up!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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