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Be Merry! Christmas Card Link Up

Be Merry! Christmas Card Link Up

Somehow, some way the hubs and I managed to get all of our Christmas cards in the mail. Batch one was last week and batch two was on Monday, so I think just about everyone has gotten their card or at least they will pretty soon! It must be some sort of a miracle, but we did it! That being said, I can now share with my bloggy friends The 2012 Gougler Family Christmas Card!

And just because I can, let’s have a look at Gougler Family Christmas cards past…

Okay, so this is kind of a moving/Christmas card. It’s really not easy to move during the holidays! We did a combo in 2010 🙂

Big thanks to Shutterfly for my awesome Christmas Card creations. I really love their products!

Now show your Christmas card and link up with Kristen! I love Christmas cards and all the fun pictures…can’t wait to see them all!

Side Note: One year ago today, the hubs and I packed up our home in Pittsburgh and moved back home to Houston! I still can’t believe we’ve been back for a year already! We said our final farewell to Pittsburgh, and traveled across the country with a pit stop in Alabama to see Andrea before reaching our final destination. While I’m happy to be home, I sure miss Pittsburgh and our amazing friends there more than I ever thought I would!

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