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Happy 12th Man Day!

Happy 12th Man Day!

12/12/12. December 12, 2012. Clearly the day to celebrate the 12th Man!

What is the 12th Man you ask? Here’s a bit more background info than what I’ll give in case you’re interested.

The 12th Man is one of Texas A&M’s greatest traditions. Y’all know how much I love my alma mater and with Johnny Manziel just winning the hiezman, this is oh so fitting. The history of the 12th man started in January 1922. The Aggies were playing the top ranked football team of the time and things were looking rough. Players were getting hurt left and right and there was no one left on their bench. The Aggie coach of the time remembered there was a former player {now playing only basketball} sitting in the stands, E King Gill. He called Gill down to suit up. Gill stood on the sidelines as the 12th and last healthy player of the Aggie team. He stood ready to go in to support his team through the remainder of the game. The Aggies pulled through and won the game without Gill needing to go in, but it was his enthusiasm and support for his team and school that made the difference. Today, the Texas A&M student section stands as the 12th man throughout the entire game ready to support our school and team.

Here are some of my other favorite Aggie Traditions.

Behind us is the scoreboard for Reveille, Texas A&M’s mascot . Okay, it’s kind of the scoreboard for all the dead Reveille’s {the former Reveilles’ graves are just outside the stadium}, but it’s the tradition of Reveille that I really love 🙂
Walking underneath the Century Tree. Traditions say that if a couple walks under the Century Tree, they’ll get married. Worked for us 🙂

The Aggie Ring. Ring Day is one of the most important days for an Aggie. The ring symbolizes the values that an Aggie should hold. It is a distinct ring that all Aggies recognize. Here’s a bit more about what is on the ring.
A giant Aggie ring was built outside of the Former Students Association building when I was a senior. Here we are in front of it this past September.
Camp Byrd – Summer 2007

Camp Powell – Summer 2006
One of my favorite Aggie traditions of all is Fish Camp. This is the university’s way of welcoming incoming freshman, teaching them traditions and meeting new friends and mentors before even getting to school. I was a counselor after my freshman and sophomore years. It is an amazing experience to be a counselor and become involved with Fish Camp. In fact, the hubs and I were counselors together in Camp Powell! Above is our first picture together! I didn’t even know his name 🙂
As you can see, Camp Powell was pretty important to us. Look at all of them at our wedding! I love this awesomely awkward picture!
So these are just a few of my favorite Aggie Traditions. If for one reason or another you want to know more about Texas A&M’s crazy antics, go here. I love that my alma mater is full of tradition. I hope that one day my children will share the same love. Until then, happy 12th man day! This is the ultimate day to be an Aggie after one of the best football years ever! Joining the SEC, beating Bama, a 10-2 season, Johnny winning the Heizman, the list goes on and on 🙂
Does your alma mater have any tradtions? What are you favorites?

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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