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A Running Start
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A Running Start

So I’m not sure if y’all noticed from my weekend recap, but I did not run this weekend. {gasp} I know, I know. It’s a bit shocking to me as well. I had sharp and intense stomach pains throughout the night Thursday/Friday. Those of you that have been around for awhile know about my awful stomach issues: allergies, IBS, heartburn and acid reflux…I’m like a 50 year old man…kind of sad {no offense to any potential 50 year old men out there. Love you Daddy!} Anyway, I digress, my tummy was hurting and decided to take the weekend off. It was a “short run” that I was missing anyway. Who knew that 13 miles would one day be considered my short run. Of course I felt guilty, but I know my body needed it.

A three day break was pretty long for me. So this happened last night before softball…

 …then this happened at 5:00am this morning…

It was 70 degrees with 100% humidity this morning. It’s December. That should be a sin. Despite the not so balmy temps, I felt amazing after each run and it really made me realize why I love it so much. It makes me feel good about myself.

Then I got to thinking…it’s December, everyone makes their New Year’s Resolutions in January. Well why not take a running start? Who said you had to wait until January to set you new workout plans, your weight loss goal or start working out? Start now.

So often December goals are focused around getting Christmas presents purchased, wrapped and under the tree or sending out cards or only spending a certain amount of money. I know I’m guilty. Why not set a fitness goal? Tomorrow will always be tomorrow. I’ll start tomorrow. I’ll start in January. These things get pushed off. So just start today.

It’s the holiday season, full of food, parties, more food, more parties, stress, anxiety, more food and more parties. Isn’t now the best time to get off your rear? I think so. So let’s set a goal today and reach it. For the month of December. There’s nothing better than getting a running start on your New Year’s Resolutions!

Here’s my goal…to follow the remainder of my marathon training plan without skipping any days {unless I’m sick or incapacitated…I hope this doesn’t happen!}. I’ve followed it pretty well, but I’m know to skip my Sunday run or sub a run for yoga. Instead of skipping, I’m just going to do it. I know I’ll feel better. Instead of subbing a run for yoga, I’ll run in the morning so I can stretch at class in the evening. It’s as simple as that. Pushing myself a little bit further. So in order to stick to my plan, I’ll share with y’all my remaining schedule.

I’m okay with swapping rest days if needed, but I really want to make sure I hit the total mileage at the end of the week. I think I can do it! I want to capture each run in picture form {my watch or phone} to keep myself accountable.

Now it’s your turn! Set a goal and see if you can stick to it. Just think, instead of feeling guilty for all the drinks and goodies this holiday season, you can feel good about yourself! It doesn’t have to be about running. We aren’t all runners. Maybe set a number of days that you make it to the gym. Only go 3 days a week now? Then up it to 4, so on and so forth. Most importantly, find a way to hold yourself accountable.

What’s your health/fitness goal to wrap up 2012? Don’t wait until the new year!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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