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A little bit of this and a little bit of that!

Happy Monday y’all! Once again, another weekend has sped by and Monday came creeping up a bit quicker than anticipated! Despite the fact that Monday has again reared it’s awful head, I must say that this weekend was super fun!

Friday was low key and the hubs and I had a sushi dinner followed by a trip to the movies to see Hotel Transylvania. Go see it! Seriously, it’s super funny. I loved it and it’s appropriate for all ages.

Saturday kicked off with a 12.5 mile run. The weather was cool but still humid. The run started off great and I was keeping a quick pace. Unfortunately, my asthma kicked in after about 8 miles and I had to slow down quite a bit. Stupid humidity and allergens! I still managed to finish off the run with a solid 9 minute pace! WHOOP! And with my walking…not too shabby. After the run, some of my running girls {Chandra and Melanie!}, JP and I headed to Canyon Creek for a tasty bunch!

No pictures of my food because by the time my food arrived, it immediately started making its way to my belly! I deserved it 🙂 The rest of the day was spent on a Target run and some cleaning before our friends came over to watch the Aggies who just barely Beat the Hell Outta Ole Miss!

Sunday morning we decided to take Maggie to the dog park, then we watched the Packers…unfortunately they lost…then we had a bit of a “family emergency” which required me to head to my parents house…see below for more details 🙂

Excited when the Packers were actually winning. I was also loving that it was chilly outside so I got to wear my Packers pullover!


Maggie was clearly the star of my iPhone this week. I was a “mean mom” and put her old cone on her when we were at my parents. It was quite histerical. I think she kind of liked it…or like the attention, but she pranced around with that thing on like she owned the place.


So my family emergency involved me making Matt’s homecoming date’s mum! Mom was working yesterday and again today and then she leaves for Las Vegas on Wednesday! Tuesday she obviously need to get ready for her super fun trip, so super sister came to the rescue! I had a blast shopping for the materials and actually making it. I personally think that it turned out great!


Another great thing about this weekend was pumpkin bagels and schmear from Einstein Brothers Bagels! It’s so freaking good. I was also told that Trader Joe’s has pumpkin ice cream. I will clearly be making a TJ’s run later this week. It’s mandatory.

So how were y’all weekends? Anything fun? What about the weather…anyone get some fall temps?!? I’m loving the weather…it stuck around for today, but it’s supposed to be back in the 80’s the rest of the week. Lame. Anywho, hope y’all have a happy and quick Monday!

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