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Five “F’s” on a Friday

Five “F’s” on a Friday

Y’all, I’ve been a busy girl. I’m talking seriously busy. I didn’t even have time to blog yesterday! I’ve also been the world’s worst blog reader and commenter! I promise I’ll be catching up with y’alls lives soon 🙂 Today’s post is going to be a bit all over the place so bear with me! I don’t know about y’all, but I am SO GLAD that it’s Friday! Talk about one of the longest weeks even. My brain is fried, so here it goes.

1. Fitness: I didn’t get to do my fitness post yesterday so here’s a quick snippet for y’all!

Last Week’s Workouts
Friday: 9 mile run {8:57 pace}
Saturday: Lots of walking and dancing!
Sunday: OFF
Monday: 6.2 mile run {8:34 pace} & 2 softball games
Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday: 4 mile run {8:33 pace}
Thursday: Hill Training – 4 miles {about 9:00 pace}

How are your workouts going? Has anyone gotten any resistance workouts in? I’m hoping to do some arm work today! I need it! Here are a couple articles I’ve read recently that y’all might enjoy!

Get in the Lean Lane – 50 Weight Loss Tips & Tricks
Healthiest Meals in the World
Weight Lifting for Stronger Bones – remember last week’s strength post!

2. Fall: It’s actually becoming fall. Slowly but surely. The morning temps are in the 60’s {upper 60’s but that’s okay with me!} and it looks like a “cool” front is coming in this weekend with highs in the low 70’s! I’m pumped! I busted out some of my fall decor this week…here’s a little peak!

3. Fashion: I started taking more pictures of my outfits and I thought I’d share a few from this week with y’all!


Clockwise from the top left:
Office wear: Top: Kohl’s Lauren Conrad Collection – Skirt: DKNY – Shoes: Target
Casual Dinner wear: Top, Jeans, Boots – Target! No lies
Workout wear: Top, Leggings: Victoria’s Secret PINK – Shoes: Nike
Work from home wear: Dress: Franchesca’s {So comfy, I’m wearing it right now!}

4. Funny: I just love my silly little girl. I find her sleeping in the weirdest positions! {I was playing with some filters on my iPhone and thought this one was pretty neat!}

5. Forget It Friday: Linking up with Sharee at Mom Fitting It All In!

I want to…
FORGET that this week has been so long and completely nuts!
FORGET all of my stressors and try to relax this weekend!
FORGET that I still need to finish the cleaning and laundry that I started on Tuesday and failed to finish.
FORGET some things that I know I have to do next week and don’t want to do.
FORGET things that make me angry and try to let go of things more quickly!
FORGET that the Packers are 2-2. Seriously Pack? You better kick the Colts butt this Sunday!

What do you want to forget?

So there you have it! Five “F’s” on a Friday for ya! Hope you have a great Friday and a safe weekend! See y’all on Monday!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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