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Vegas – 2 : Amy – 0

Vegas – 2 : Amy – 0

Well, for those of you who are wondering, I made it back from Vegas alive. Barely 🙂 After 2 trips to Vegas, I am 0 for 2. I’m not complaining though. I had a blast and Vegas didn’t really steal too much of my money! I’m a little bit sad that I had to wake up and go to work today however. Needless to say, my body hurts. I may or may not have fallen face first down the stairs. But that’s a story for another day. A day that I have a bit more energy. Here is a quick glimpse at how the weekend went down!





Hope y’all have a wonderful Monday! I’m hoping I can make it through 🙂 Many more pictures and a recap to come later this week! Linking up here!


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