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Detox Day 1

Detox Day 1

First things first, today you can find me over at Fun, Fit and Fabulous writing about being Fit and Fabulous for Fall! Okay that’s a lot of F’s in one sentence! Be sure to check it out and look around a bit because Lauren is amazing! We’re actually IRL friends from college and we taught Group Exercise together. This girl really is Fit and Fabulous!

Moving on, today marks Day 1 of my 3 day cleanse. Seeing as though I just got back from Vegas and I leave for Gulf Shore next Wednesday {like way early}, I needed to find a way to rid my body of toxins and get ready to be in a swim suit all week. Enter Kaeng Raeng.


I was first introduced to this cleanse by my friend Alison {who’s actually going to the beach with me!}. She recommended it and after quite a bit of research, I took the dive and ordered it! I went with the 3 Day Beginner package. Your options are 3 Day or 6 Day and then Beginner, Veteran and Master. Seeing as though this is my first go around, beginner was definitely the best option. The good part about this cleanse is that it’s not just a drinks only cleanse – you can eat all the raw fruits and veggies you want! Thank goodness for that because I feel like the act of chewing my food is just as satisfying. So it’s not a strictly liquid diet like a juice cleanse.

I went with the juu juu “into the blue” for my first drink! You add the packet to 24-32 oz of liquid {water, juice, milk, etc.}.


For beginners, they recommend making a smoothie. So that is just what I did. I took the packet above, a large handful of ice, 12 oz water, 12 oz juice, half of a frozen banana and some frozen blue berries! Not too shabby and it’s a lot to drink! Honestly, I think it tastes good! {There is still more in the blender too!}


So here’s to day 1 of my cleanse – may God grant me the power and strength to stick to it. It’s only 3 days right?

What do y’all think about cleanses or detoxes? Yay or Nay? Have you done one before? If so which one? I’ll be sure to let y’all know how it goes!

Vegas recap is still on the way…there are a lot of pictures to go through and edit 🙂 I guess that means I had a good time!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

{This is by no means a sponsored post. These are strictly my opinions based on a product that I chose to try and paid for.}

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