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It’s Okay :)


It’s Okay…

…that I’ve already started counting down the days until football season. 63 days until Texas A&M plays LA Tech which is the start of the season to me!

…that I secretly want to plan a “sick day” from work and play hookie with the hubby. Too bad I don’t have the guts!

…to have lunch by myself at Starbucks on Tuesday and read Fifty Shades Darker the entire time 🙂


…that I keep a jar of peanut butter in my desk drawer at the office and packets in my purse. You never know when you’ll need it!

…that my kitchen looks like a tornado blew threw it and instead of cleaning I made brownies.

…that I have a crazy, psycho dog. I still love her.

…that I’m obsessed with Dance Moms, Pretty Little Liars, The Bachelorette and So You Think You Can Dance {and that my hubby watches them with me!}

…that I’m SO SO excited to see Magic Mike with Alison, Ashley and some other lovely ladies Sunday night!


…to wish it was 4pm on Friday so the hubs and I can head to Dallas for Kristin’s birthday weekend!

Sometimes you just have to look at your life and just think that “It’s Okay!” It’s safe to say that I don’t have too much to complain about right now. Life is good! God is good and I feel so blessed! Heading to Dallas this weekend to celebrate one of my oldest friend’s birthday. Andrea comes to Texas for a 5 day weekend Tuesday night. Wednesday is the 4th of July which we will celebrate in the Woodlands along with Chris and Julie. Next Saturday we get to shower Andrea and my future nephew, Charlie. Like I said, life is good! I’m working on not sweating the little things. Just need to remember that “It’s Okay!

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Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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