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Long Run and Flag Football

Long Run and Flag Football

WOW!!! What a weekend it has been! Needless to say, JP and I had an amazing time with my parents. Maggie may have had even more fun meeting her other set of grandparents for the first time 🙂 Mom and Dad definitely enjoyed playing with their “grand-dog” as Dad called her. I’ll be sure to post an awesome weekend recap along with tons of fun pictures tomorrow!

On my training scheduled today, I was due to run 10 miles. I must say that this may be one of my favorite distances to run. It’s long enough to feel the burn and have a challenging workout, but I still feel great afterwards; pretty much like I could keep going! Today’s run in particular went amazing! I finished in 1:23:23. Here were my splits:

  • Mile 1- 8:43 min/mile
  • Mile 2- 8:39
  • Mile 3- 8:33
  • Mile 4- 8:28
  • Mile 5- 8:28
  • Mile 6- 8:15
  • Mile 7- 8:11
  • Mile 8- 8:08
  • Mile 9- 8:01
  • Mile 10- 7:58
I’m not going to lie, I’m super proud of my splits today! I’m especially proud of that 7:58 minute mile for my last mile of the run! Lately I’ve been focusing more on my breathing and keeping it steady throughout the run, but paying close attention at the beginning and the end. Warming up your lungs can sometimes take longer than expected when temps are cold. Today it was 32 degrees when I started my run and only 39 by the time I finished. Since I’m asthmatic, I have to focus on breathing even more in the cold because with a runny nose and tight lungs, it’s easy to take short breaths. Even though it was a bit chillier than I would like for mid-October, it was neat to be able to see the first frost of the season and to dominate my run!
After my run, it warmed up significantly and we had great weather for our flag football game. Since Mom and Dad were in town, we had them take some action shots during our game! 
Awesome shot of JP catching the ball!

I’m one of our teams running backs! Check out my strong hubby blocking for me!
Not sure what’s going on here 🙂

I was diving for his flags and nearly had him!

JP taking a break. We only had 3 girls and must have 3 girls in at all times,  so no breaks for me!
Unfortunately, we ended up losing the game. Our defensive skills weren’t quite as stellar as they usually are, but we still made it to the playoffs! Our first playoff game is next Sunday and I’m hoping to get a team picture after the game! Even though we lost, JP made an awesome catch for a touchdown and another one for the extra point! I had several good runs on offense and 2 tips on defense that broke up the play, so I felt like I did my job. We’ve really enjoyed playing with this team and it gives us something to look forward to on Sunday mornings!
As always, the rest of the day was spent watching football! Go Pack Go! 7-0! Did you get outside and do anything active today? Sundays always seem like the best day to be outside especially if it’s sunny like it was in Pittsburgh today! I hope that everyone had a great weekend and enjoy your Sunday night!
Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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