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Pretty Pretty Pumpkins!

Pretty Pretty Pumpkins!

Remember that game Pretty, Pretty Princess that you probably played when you were a little girl? Oh how I loved that game, but I was am a sore loser and I always hated when I had to get that wretched black ring! Now, this game has nothing to do with my post whatsoever, but the post title reminded me of it and I would think that black ring would fit right in with fall and Halloween.

Pumpkin Fall Decor

Pumpkins are pretty much the very first thing I think of when it comes to fall. They’re the perfect decoration and there are so many delectable pumpkin desserts that everyone is crazy about come September/October. I actually decorated my house for fall quite a few weeks ago. I was pretty eager to bust out the fall decor! My collection of pretty fall decorations has grown quite a bit though and today I want to focus on my pumpkins! Here are some pretty pumpkin ideas I found around the internet…okay mostly from Pinterest.

I love how many different colors pumpkins and other gourd come in naturally, but I am not against paint, glitter or even lace to spice them up a bit!

Distressed Painted Pumpkin

Here’s a quick and easy pumpkin project that I did just yesterday! I wish I had a different type of paint, but I just used what I had and made it work!

Items needed for project:
– Pumpkin of choice
– White paint {NOTE: I had spray paint, but I know that chalkboard paint would work the best!)
– Hard bristled scrub brush/sand paper



Paint entire pumpkin with paint of your choice


Using the tough bristled bush, scrub randomly at paint on pumpkin until you reach your desired look


Ta Da! Okay, mine didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted it to. I wasn’t really thinking about the texture of spray paint, it was late and I just wanted a painted pumpkin!


It does look cute from afar though on my new table!

Have you made any pumpkin crafts this fall?

If you’re looking for an easy one, give this distressed painted pumpkin a try! Hopefully I’ll be carving a pumpkin with my friends later this week! I’ll be sure to let y’all know how that goes. Have a great Tuesday!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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