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The Timmers in Pittsburgh!

The Timmers in Pittsburgh!

Hello, hello and happy Monday! This weekend absolutely flew by, but it was absolutely amazing! As promised, I have a fun and picture filled recap of this weekend with my parents.

This was my parents first time to come visit us in Pittsburgh! I’ve been fortunate enough to see them on several occasions since I still work out of Houston and I’ve been down for several business trips. This allowed them to wait a bit later to make the trip up North. I picked Mom and Dad up from the airport around 2:00pm on Friday and brought them back to my house to meet their grand-dog! They kept Maggie entertained while I had to work for a few hours. Maggie absolutely loved her grandparents and enjoyed the attention that she received from them. Once JP got home, he went to take a quick power nap since he worked the afternoon shift on Thursday and daylight shift of Friday resulting in 4 hours of sleep 🙁 Mom was exhausted as well so she decided to lay down and get some rest while Dad and I went to the Montour Trail to take Maggie for a nice long walk.

Maggie was so excited she kept getting all twisted up in her leash!


Happy and tangled girl


We saw a beaver swim into his home in the creek!


My beautiful little girl!

After a 3 mile walk in the gloomy, kind-of-misty Pittsburgh air, we decided to head back to the house. I was glad that Dad was able to see the trail that I spend several hours a week at for running and just being outdoors! When we got home, JP and Mom were up so we all decided to have a beer and chat for a bit before we headed out to Primanti Brothers for dinner! Everyone who visits us in Pittsburgh has to experience Primanti Brothers! We took Emily, Julie, Kate and Matt back in March and Andrea in April! Everyone had very yummy sandwiches for dinner and we were super full, but not too full for some German beer!

After dinner, we headed downtown to South Side Works where the Hofbrau Haus is located! We took Andrea here in April and knew that my dad would definitely appreciate the German beer since he spent quite a bit of time in Germany! It ended up being even more fun then we imagined because the Haus Band playing and the place was packed. We enjoyed the live music and enthusiastic crowd.We even stayed a little bit longer than planned!

JP and Dad in front of the Hofbrau Haus tanks!


Dad, me and Mom in front of the Hefewisen




Saturday morning started pretty early since we left the house around 9:30am to go down to the Strip District for breakfast and visiting the shops! We had breakfast at DeLuca’s which was featured on Man vs. Food on the Food Network! They are famous for their breakfast and their crazy, large portions {hence the Man vs. Food appearance}. We explored some of the shops after breakfast, so Mom and Dad were able to see ALL of the crazy Steelers paraphernalia that’s out there!

After the Strip, we headed to the other side of downtown to ride the incline, go for a walk and experience the amazing view of the city.

About to head up the incline that was built in 1877! 
I love my momma!


Daddy and I at the top of Mount Washington





With 3 of my favorite people in this world!

We ventured home after our adventure to play with Miss Maggie for a little while before going to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Aggie football game. {The game wasn’t in our region, so we couldn’t get it on our tv at home.} It was a messy game, but resulted in a win for the Aggies! We had a few snacks and beers at BWW because JP and I had an amazing dinner planned for my parents! We pitt stopped by the grocery store before heading home to pick up a few ingredients we didn’t have at home. JP cooked ribs while I made an avocado fruit salad, roasted balsamic cauliflower and healthy cookie dough dip! Recipes coming soon 🙂

Sneak attack! 
She wanted to get him so bad!


She would randomly pounce on Mom and try to get her ears and neck 🙂

I was super active on Sunday and started with a 10 mile run followed by flag football! Take a look at some rockin’ action shots from yesterday’s post! Sunday’s a filled with football in the Gougler home since I’m a die hard Packers fan and JP and I both love the Texans. Since we’re in Pittsburgh, it’s fun to go out and watch the Steelers just to be in the great atmosphere!

This weekend was such a blast and I am so blessed to have made some amazing memories with my parents in Pittsburgh. JP and I have felt to loved by ALL of our visitors this year! We have so many memories and unique experiences with friends and family {Pittsburgh friends and visitors to Pittsburgh} that we will always remember our year here. As we get closer and closer to the end of the year, I think of more and more things that I will miss about this place!

I hope that everyone had an amazing Monday! I’m definitely glad it’s almost over though 🙂

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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