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Knee Deep in the Water Somewhere

Knee Deep in the Water Somewhere

Oh how I miss my vacation already! We had such an amazing time on our cruise and I must say that I loved all of the time that JP and I were able to spend together. On his first day back to the office last Tuesday, I missed him so much! It was also great to spend all that time with so many loved ones! I have the best friends and family in the whole world…seriously though, I do. Now onto a picture recap of our week long trip to paradise.

Day One: We spent driving to Galveston, getting on the boat, going through safety procedures, boat send off party and of course we had to explore!

Welcome to our cabin! We were on the 8th floor right next door to my parents! It was a great location!

Here’s part of the crew at the send off party getting ready to say good bye to Galveston!

Peace out Texas!

Day Two: We spent a majority of the day out on the Lido Deck soaking up the rays, having a few drinks and having fun with all the deck games going on. That night was the first formal dinner of the cruise and anyone who knows me, knows how much I love to dress up!

Emily and I HAD TO HAVE these blow fish drinks. I bought them for her 21st birthday!!! Hers is named Darius and mine is Houdie!

Had to throw in a picture with my amazing hubby!

JP and I all dressed up for the first formal dinner on night 2!

Me and my Benny Boy…please note that I am wearing 3 1/2 inch heels in this picture!

The best dessert of the cruise. Some apple thing 🙂

Towel Elephant!

 Day Three: After being out in the sun for a few hours in the morning, we decided to go inside since we knew we would be outside for most of the day during the shore excursion days. We explored around the casino and went to the Marriage Show. After dinner, I learned to do Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance and then we went to a comedy show!

Our favorite, Penny Slots!!!

We really love each other!

Sitting up on the stage waiting for the Marriage Show to start! I wanted JP and I to be on stage so bad! We got there early and sat in the front row, but we didn’t get picked 🙁

Ms. Robin, Mom and Dad waiting for the show to start!

Mom, Matt and I waiting for everyone to meet up for dinner!
With TJ and Dad

Learning the Thriller dance! You can’t miss me, I’m the one in the stripes!

Acting like a zombie for the Thriller dance of course!
Still acting like a zombie before the comedy show…Matt and Emily didn’t even know I was ruining their picture!

Robin, Mom and Dad waiting for the comedy show to start!

Me and Mr. Monkey!
Day Four: We ventured off of the boat to explore Jamaica!!! After hopping on a taxi bus, we headed to a beautiful beach where we played for a few hours before heading over to Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville!
With my seester! We’re ready to get off the boat!

Just look at all those handsome men 🙂

My love

Restaurant/Bar/Gift Shop at the beach we were at!

Look at that clear blue water! The water trampoline was a blast too!

Time for margaritas!

Me with Tate and Paul!

Saying good bye to Jamaica!

We went to the magic show after dinner and dad was pulled on stage as a volunteer! He got this awesome pick hat to show for it 🙂

Towel animal of the night: FROG!!!
Day Five: Grand Cayman! We had to get up early to take a boat from the ship to shore, but it was totally worth it. We headed to a private beach where we kayaked, snorkeled and swam! After the beach, JP, Emily, Matt Lewis and I headed to the shops. We had to be back on the boat by 4pm in order to set sail for Cozumel. Once on the boat we went to the Captain’s Cocktail hour for returning cruisers for an hour of FREE DRINKS! Then it was another formal dinner night and we finished the night off by dancing with the band near the casino!
Why hello Grand Cayman!

It was an overcast day, but nice to get away from the intense sun and it made snorkeling easier!

Getting ready to take off in our kayak! At one point, Matt and JP rolled out to cool off and Emily and I paddled away so they couldn’t get back on. I think we made them chase us around for about 30 minutes. Best decision ever 🙂

Yay Tiki Beach!

Just call us William and Kate! I saw these things is several different places and couldn’t resist!

Pirates are everywhere too!


Mr. and Mrs. Gougler’s invitations. We’re fancy.

Cheers! I had to convince the waiter that Emily was 21 after convincing him that I was married and over the age of 21…since when did it matter on cruise ships? Oh yes, of course, when the alcohol is free.

Em and I on stage after cocktail hour. I’m telling you that I was dying to be on that stage the whole trip!

Daddy, Mom and I walking around together before dinner.

We clean up nice 🙂

Dance party by the Casino Bar!

It’s a Lobster!…I think…
Day Six: Cozumel! JP and I bought an excursion together to do zip lines and a high ropes course. It was awesome and I climbed a 60 foot rock wall and repelled down it! Such a rush. After the action, we got to go snorkeling led by a tour guide. He fed the fish while we were swimming so they swam right there with us! He also pointed out a ton of things that you wouldn’t notice if you were out there by yourself. After that we were free to enjoy the beach! It was a complete coincidence that the rest of our group ended up on the SAME beach as us! That night after dinner was the infamous karaoke night where I was asked to be Madonna. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check it out here!
Safety first!

All ready to go!

Almost to the top! It was super hard!

Yay JP!

I just thought that this was a cool picture 🙂

At the beach drinking some Mexican Margaritas!

Love these people with all my heart.

Daddy and his baby girls!

We’re like mermaids!…without the fins…

Before getting on the boat we stopped at Three Amigos for one more drink and they had this GIANT table. It was awesome so naturally, I had to climb it. Typical Amy.

Day 7: Our last day at sea and I spent it enjoying the sun and memorizing the lyrics to Like a Virgin. Check out the post I liked to above to find out more, but here are some pictures from earlier in the day!
Time for put put! I love how I am the only one ready for this picture!

Go me!

Last day on the ship!
I had to throw one Madonna picture in here!
Exploring the boat late at night after my big performance! I was on such a high!

Last towel animal…I love sting rays!
All in all it was an amazing trip and I’m bummed it’s over! I am terribly sorry that this post is so long and I would promise not to do it again, but that would be a lie. I’m heading to Las Vegas with my best friend, sister-in-law, her two roomies and her parents to celebrate her 21st birthday! I’m waiting to commemorate a 21st birthday post until after Vegas. Until next time…
With love and God bless,
Amy, JP and Maggie

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