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What happens in Vegas…

What happens in Vegas…

…gets posted on the Internet. Let’s be honest, these days nothing stays where it belongs. Lucky for me I was a good girl in Vegas 🙂 for the most part! I had an amazing time for my beautiful sister-in-law Kate’s 21st birthday! It was Kate, her two roomies Whitney and Brittany, one of my besties and former roomie Andrea as well as my amazing in laws Jody and Phil! We were quite the bunch needless to say.

Just like the cruise, I will tell you all about my trip in the form of pictures and comments about each!

Day One

We all arrive in Las Vegas, NV around 3pm Pacific (note this is 6pm for me and needless to say I am starving). I am lucky enough to find my BFF waiting for me as I get off of the plane! Seriously, best way to start off an amazing weekend! After finding everyone else we were off to the hotel!

We stayed at Treasure Island!


So happy to be there with this girl! I hadn’t seen her since April!


First stop after check in was Maragritaville! We were ready to start this trip off the right way with food and margs 🙂


Anne and Kate! We sat up on the roof despite the heat since there was no wait. Luckily, the sun went down before our food arrived.


Whitney, Brittany and I! These are Kate’s roomies and such fun girls! The 5 of us had a blast together along with Phil and Jody of course!


All the ladies together at the Mirage! Next thing you know we were getting wristbands for free drinks at the club at the Mirage until 1am! When we went up to pay cover, we didn’t think we would be staying very long, so I convinced the lady to reduce the cover from $20 to $10…we ended up having a blast and stayed until 2am! It’s safe to say we got our money’s worth!


We met some really fun British guys at the club. Since it was still kind of early on a Thursday, there weren’t many people there at first. Kate made a bet with one of the guys and lost. She ended up doing push ups in the middle of everyone there. They were really good push ups I might add!


Me, Kate, Lee, Christien and Andrea!


Dancing with my seester!


Awesome lighted hallway in the Mirage. We clearly thought it was the coolest thing ever 🙂


Fun ending to an amazing first night. We definitely started Vegas off the right way.

Day Two

We all woke up starving and hit up the breakfast buffet before wandering around the casino for a little bit. Then we were headed to the spa for facials that my mother in law, Jody, was so kind to treat us with!
All the ladies at the spa!


Yes, that is my pedometer attached to my robe. There was no way I was going to lose any steps that day!


Jody, Andrea and I had our facials first. Jody finished first and came out to Kate, Brittany and Whitney sleeping! Kate was still out cold when I came out!


Completely refreshed! We had access to the spa all day so we hung out in there and got ready there since there were three showers and pretty much everything else you could think of!


After our spa time we were starving! We walked down the strip and ended up at P.F.Chang’s!


We are obviously very classy grown ups 🙂


With two of my favorite girls in the Planet Hollywood Casino after some roulette and Texas hold ’em!


Walking by the Paris on the way back to our hotel!


Look, we found Michael and Elvis!!!


Once we were back at the hotel we watched the pirate show outside of Treasure Island! It was really awesome and the ship really does sink 🙂


Once we got changed really quickly, we headed downtown to Fremont Street! Here I am with Phil!


We wandered through the casinos on Fremont and ended up at the Golden Gate casino where this man approached us. We initially thought that he was a creepy, drunk guy, but he ended up being the owner of the casino! We gave us these delicious drinks in fun glasses for free! He also gave Kate a $25 match play chip for her birthday! She played roulette, bet it on red and won $75!!!


After Fremont St., we headed to Tao night club in the Venetian where we had VIP passes and free drinks!


A bachelor party picked us out of crowd and asked us to join them. We don’t say no to free drinks especially Grey Goose! Here we are with the bachelor!


We had a blast with these guys who turned out to be super nice. It was also great to have a little more space to move and dance in their roped off section over looking the club! Around 1am we left Tao to meet up with Kate’s friend who was with another group of guys at a bachelor party, so we ended the night at the Hard Rock casino! We made it to bed just before 5am…the 9am wake up call wasn’t too pleasant!

Day Three

Kate, Anne and I woke up bright and early even though our bodies were telling us no. We went down the strip to Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall and Saloon to take some Craps lessons! After learning about all the different ways to bet, we decided to play. Needless to say, we lost all our money, but it was a lot of fun!


After our craps lesson, we went over to the Flamingo for some lunch. Then we explored their animal habitat!



Then we walked down to the Bellagio to see the fountains! At this point, Andrea, Kate and I weren’t going to make it the rest of the day without a nap. We decided it would be best for a 1 hour power nap so that we could have another fun night! Brittany and Whitney were able to sleep in so they took off to ride the rides on top of the Stratosphere!


We all met back up again on Fremont because we planned on swimming in the Golden Nugget’s pool with the slide that goes through the shark tank. The people at the hotel ended up being real jerks and we never got to go on the slide 🙁 However, we did find these awesome necklaces!


All dressed up and ready for dinner and a show!


Here’s the birthday girl with her parents at Kahunaville!


I just really liked this picture of Anne and I, so I decided to post it!


The appetizer that Phil ordered for us!


We had coupons for free shots with every drink purchase! While at Kahunaville, they had the bartender’s flair competition which was really fun to watch. Then we headed to the Cirque du Soleil Mystere show! It was absolutely amazing!


We hadn’t been to the other side of the strip yet, so after the show we took a cab to the MGM. After we gambled a little bit, we headed over to New York, New York. There we ended up at Lux where we stayed for a little while, but we weren’t too impressed. Then we decided to go up to Coyote Ugly for just a bit.
Instead of stopping in one place for too long, we went through Excalibur, Luxor and Mandalay Bay to see what each of the casinos looked like. We found this lovely picture in one of the passage ways between the hotels and wondered why we didn’t go to this show 🙂
The next morning, it was time to head home 🙁 I can understand why people are ready to come home when it’s time to leave Vegas. Maybe if we had more time, we could have slowed down. We were able to see what we wanted to see and do what we wanted to do. The best part is that we all made it home in one piece! We are already trying to figure out when our next Vegas trip is going to be! Next time, maybe I’ll even let JP come too! I hope everyone enjoys the pictures. These are just a few of MANY!!!
Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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