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Julie Visits Part 2: Pittsburgh

Julie Visits Part 2: Pittsburgh


Let’s travel back in time to last Thursday…June 23rd. Julie got here around 1:30pm that day after a delay in Atlanta, I thought this may turn into another Andrea travel adventure and that she wouldn’t get here until the next day! Thank goodness, Julie has better travelling luck than Andrea and it only made her plane 30 minutes late 🙂

One of the perks of working from home is that I am able to leave when I need to and take my lunch hour at any time really. I am also able to be at home with my friends while they are in town and still get work done! And yes, I still do work actually! I am quite productive I must say. Thursday was a pretty low key afternoon and once JP got home, we headed over to Bahama Breeze for happy hour! We figured we could get a cheap happy hour drink at the bar along with an appetizer for 1/2 off, then make our way to the dining area for dinner. This place is super yummy and it give you that relaxing Caribbean feel which is fantastic pretty much all year round (especially when it’s snowing outside!)


Friday was a crazy day! I had several hours of calls in the morning and I had to drop Maggie off at the kennel at lunch. Julie was able to catch up on her sleep until about noon which was good for her since she’s been going non-stop since school let out with traveling, packing, vacation, moving, etc. Just before lunch, our company had a serious network outage caused by AT&T which was awesome for me because I couldn’t work without it! I did have a few more calls, but I was done by about 3:30pm which was just in time for JP to get home from work. Then we were on our way to Niagara…

Saturday Night

…Fast forward again, past Niagara to Saturday night. Once we were back home and we had dinner in our tummies, I called my friend Maria and told her to come over for a few drinks and some Kinect! We happened to find some Four Locos in New York on our way home from the Falls and it’s safe to say that Julie and I only needed that to have a “good time.” We were in a happy place playing dance battle, volleyball, ski ball and all sorts of other games on the Kinect!

Sorry Julie…I had to post it!


Bestie lovin’!

We stayed up dancing the night away until about 1:30am and then we decided it was time for bed.


We got up Sunday morning ready to hit the town. We decided to go down to the Strip District for a nice Sunday Brunch. After that we walked the Strip looking for a Pittsburgh Pirates t-shirt! Both of us definitely needed one since the next item on our list of things to do was to buy tickets from some scalpers to the sold out Pirates-Red Sox game. We were successful! It was a fun game even though the Pirates lost…

This is how full it was with 30 minutes before the game!


My #1 Love


Pretty girls 🙂


LOVE the Pittsburgh Skyline…we had a great view from our nose bleed seats!


Props to JP for taking such a great pic!

That night, Maria came back over and JP grilled for us! I made a fruit salad and corn on the cob, while JP grilled some ribs! I love ribs so so much. It’s really the only pork that I eat now that I think about it. After we stuffed ourselves, we hung out, talked (as girls always do) and watched some TLC, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding to be exact.


Monday Julie and I decided to take Miss Maggie to the Montour Trail. As always, Maggie absolutely loved getting to be outside for so long! She’s gotten a lot better about not chasing or jumping at every person she sees on the trail. Maggie thinks that everyone she sees is her best friend and that they want her to be in their face. This however, is not the case. She slowly learning, but in all reality does not believe in personal space. This I have come to terms with because honestly, who can resist this face?

I know that I can’t. My dog is spoiled. I lover her like a child. My first born. She’s perfect just the way she is. Okay, maybe a little less jumping would make her even more perfect, but she’ll learn…one day…

After we power walked (thanks to Maggie) 3.8 miles, according to my Garmin, we headed back to the house for a bit. Julie and I decided to rest our legs and caught up on my DVR. I though Julie to get Olympos Gyros for lunch which is this little, inexpensive hole in the wall Greek restaurant just down the road. JP and I love it. Julie confirmed that it is as awesome as we think it is.

Then we decided to go see Super 8. It was a great movie! Now it’s safe to say that Julie and I are NOT hard to please when it comes to movies. We pretty much love everything. Yes, even the Hannah Montana Movie which Rotten Tomatoes gave a 0%. It was definitely a thriller and I jumped a few times. Fun fact: Super 8 was filmed in Weirton, WV which is 20-30 minutes away from where I live. This is actually the town that my friend Maria works in! Pretty neat. She said that she was able to recognize some of the places in the movie which I think is cool 🙂

The rest of the time Julie was here was pretty low key. After a busy Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we needed a break so that night we put on The Proposal before we went to bed and had a good laugh.


Unfortunately, Tuesday morning, Julie had to leave. Her flight was at 6:30am, so JP took her to the airport since he’s heading out around 5:15am anyway! I got up at 5:00am to make sure Julie was packed and ready to go, oh and because I had a call at 5:30am!!! Seriously? 5:30am? I guess that’s what I get for working with a global company and being part of an international project. Looks like I’ll be up that early every other Tuesday.

I had an amazing extended weekend while Julie was here and was sad to see her go. We really just click so well and I’m thankful to have an amazing friend like her in my life. I mean, this is the 2nd time she came to visit me! Not everyone has good friends like that and I am lucky to have quite a few. Julie’s trip came at the perfect time for me. It’s always nice to bring a little bit of home up to Pittsburgh. It puts things into perspective for me and makes me remember how lucky I am to have the opportunity to live here and to explore another part of the country for a year.

Thank you Julie for visit and for always being a shoulder for me to lean on and a smiling face to cheer me up. I had an amazing weekend and I can’t wait to see you in San Antonio for our 3rd annual San Antonio half marathon run! P.S. Maggie REALLY misses you 🙂

Until next time…
With love and God bless,
Amy, JP and Maggie

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  1. What kind of dog is Miss Maggie? Love her name btw. Super cute! Thank you for the post. You are a very entertaining writer, great sense of humor. I’m a mom trying to balance countless roles too! It’s great not feeling alone there.

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