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Beau Philip’s Newborn Photos
Beau Philip Postpartum

Beau Philip’s Newborn Photos

It’s already been two months since Beau’s birth and time is flying. That’s two months as a momma of three during the busiest time of the year! It’s been the most magical time soaking up my sweet baby snuggles and powering through the 4th trimester. This time of motherhood is always a whirlwind and I find myself quite scatterbrained. That being said, it hit me the other day that I never shared Beau’s lifestyle newborn photos!

What are lifestyle newborn photos?

Lifestyle newborn photos are essentially newborn photos taken in your home capturing your personal lifestyle. Often these photos are in the master bedroom, the nursery and other special spots around the home. It could be the living room, backyard or even in front of the Christmas tree if it’s the right time of year.

These pictures are so precious to me and I love capturing these early days with each baby! I love the ability to share them with others here, and I hope they provide inspiration for another momma looking to document these sweet first days of their baby’s life!

Without further ado, here are Beau’s newborn photos!

These lifestyle newborn photos are light and airy, and capture the precious first few days of baby's life! #newbornpictures #newbornphotoideas #newbornlife

In Our Bedroom

For each of our babies, we’ve done a lifestyle newborn photoshoot. I like the idea of capturing our family in our home, our natural habitat. Don’t get me wrong, studio photos are also gorgeous, but there is something special about taking them in our special place.

That being said, what better place to begin than in the master bedroom!

I love the way these photos of Beau came out with our whole family.

As you can see, Chloe was much more cooperative than Brody, so there are more with our big girl.

Shop our outfits from this photo:

If it happens twice, it’s a tradition right? When my nephew Gabe was born just 9 weeks after Brody, we did a couple cousin photos to get all of our babies together.

Now that Beau is here, we knew that we needed a new one! The kids were actually having a rough morning (hence the lollipops for bribery), but Kellianne was still able to get this magical shot!

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In Beau’s Nursery

After the master bedroom, we moved up to Beau’s nursery to get some of our sweet finally sleeping boy. His nursery is a gender neutral boho llama theme since we didn’t know if he was a boy or a girl!

Shop this photo:

In Front of the Christmas Tree

Since Beau was born the week before Thanksgiving, I knew that I had to get some photos in front of the Christmas tree for memories. At this point, the kids weren’t really having it with photos, so it was a bit of a disaster!

Luckily, our amazing photographer Kellianne Barron was still able to get a couple shots for me!

Do you do newborn photos with your little ones?

It’s such a precious time and I’m obsessed with photos! That being said, I’ve done this with each of my babies and will cherish these photos forever.

If you can’t hire a photographer, grab some of these ideas or look around Pinterest! You can still capture these early days on your phone or personal camera. I promise that it’s worth it!

You can also take a look at Brody’s Newborn photos for more ideas!

Different ideas for a family lifestyle newborn photoshoot! #newbornphotos #newbornphotoideas
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