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Non-Toy Gift Ideas for the Kid who has Everything
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Non-Toy Gift Ideas for the Kid who has Everything

It may still be 6 months until Christmas, but my kids birthdays are right around the corner and let’s be real, there are always times that your hunting for great gift ideas. Today I’m sharing all about great non-toy gift ideas. Let me explain why this has been on my mind.

This year with the new baby coming, I’ve been moving my daughter into a new “big girl” room and giving it a makeover. During this process, I’m realizing just how much stuff she has. It’s impressive because she’s actually pretty good about playing with a lot of it, but the amount is a little nuts. It’s to the point where we’re creating a great pile to donate, but there is still so much more.

Instead of toys, maybe think about a non-toy gift that a mom and child would appreciate! You can get a little creative instead of heading to Target to grab something really quick. Once I came up with the idea, I realized there are actually more non-toy gifts than you realize!

Sometimes giving the gift of experience is even better than a toy! Instead of gifting toys this year, here are some awesome, non-toy gifts to give the children in your life! #nontoygifts #giveexperience #birthdayideas #christmasgiftideas #giftgiving

Great Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Kids


Memberships to different museums, theme parks, indoor play places, etc would be an amazing gift! We have personally had a zoo membership for years and it would make the BEST gift for any family. Once a dear friend of mine gifted me a year membership to the Houston Children’s Museum for a year when I hosted her baby shower. It was the BEST gift she could have given me and we went all the time.

I do realize that memberships aren’t always cheap, for example, our zoo membership is about $125 annually. Take the opportunity to pair up with a couple friends and go in on it together. I personally would be floored by the thoughtfulness of group membership gift!

Here are a couple different membership ideas that you can search for in your specific area:

  • Local Zoo
  • Aquarium
  • Children’s Museum
  • Indoor Play Areas
  • Theme Parks
  • Water Parks

Art Supplies

I realize that art supplies are things that can also accumulate in your home, but it’s a unique non-toy gift that is so useful! I have a little artist on my hands and we plough through art supplies some days. It’s even better that it’s something I can do with her.

Here are a couple fun art sets that would be awesome for kids:

Other great art supply ideas include:

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Sensory Play Kits

Sensory play kits are a great non-toy gift idea that encourages independent play for kids! It also engages their senses and helps them to develop language and motor skills. Better yet, sensory play has a calming effect on children by helping to regulate their overall arousal level. The benefits of sensory play for children continue to go on. You can learn more about it here if you’re interested!

Check out these unique sensory play kids from Joyful Play! At just $22.99, they make an amazing non-toy gift that kids would love! This is a great way to support small businesses!

Baking Sets

Does anyone else have a little kitchen helper? Baking and cooking can be fun with kids. It’s even more fun if they have tools that are their size to help cook with! Let’s start encouraging their creativity in the kitchen. Who knows, maybe they’ll be cooking dinner for you one day.

Take a look at some of these awesome baking sets for kids.

Another awesome gift would be a kitchen helper stool or learning tower. This will allow them to be safe at the countertop with you! We’ve had one for a year and LOVE it. Both of my kids use it daily. You can find this option below in white, gray, and natural wood. (Better yet, it’s currently on sale for $25 off, so go check it out!)

One more awesome kitchen option is this STEAM Kid’s Kitchen Science experiments book to encourage creativity and learning in the kitchen!


Instead of a gift or party, how about an experience? I’m planning to alternate birthday party years for my kids. Instead of a party each year, we’ll go on a special trip or a special outing for their birthdays every other year! Here are a few different ideas for awesome experiences that you can gift your kids.

Day Trip

This of course depends on the time of year and where you live, but you can plan a fun day trip with your child, especially for their birthday. Think of something super special that you know they would love. Maybe there’s a nearby town with lots to do or you can go to the big city if you live further out of town. Make plans for special meals and visits to places they would love! The key is to focus on your child and what they would enjoy.

Go on a Vacation

Vacationing for birthdays obviously can’t happen every year, but what about a special trip for a big birthday like 10 or 16? Let your child choose (within reason) a destination that you specifically go to celebrate? Think big like Disney World, skiing, or overseas. Or something on a smaller scale is still fun too like a road trip, family resort, or somewhere not too far from home.

I spent my birthday last year at Disney and plan to do the same for my kids one day!

Special Outing

  • A day at the American Girl Doll Store for little girls
  • Go cart racing, bowling, and laser tag
  • For summer birthdays, a trip to a local water park or theme park
  • For winter birthdays, ice skating, hot chocolate, and dinner at their favorite restaurant

Get creative and think of some fun activities you can do for a day to focus specifically on your child.

Decor for their Room

I mentioned at the beginning of my post that I’m currently redoing my daughter’s room. This is the perfect opportunity for friends and family to ask what she needs! Instead of getting more toys for that room, find a way to help decorate it. Then they’ll always remember you or their friend when they see that special piece.

I would ask their parents if there is anything they want or need for their room! This won’t always work especially if their room is good to go, but it’s a great option when you know they’re getting a room makeover or even moving!

Some awesome examples of room decor are:

  • Wall hangings
  • Lamps
  • Shelf decor (if they have shelves)
  • Organizational bins

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Get creative and see what you can give!

Think of experiences, hobbies, and expanding their horizons! Toys may seem great in the moment, but they do move on. Memories made by lasting items and experiences last so much longer. They will continue to thank you for it, and so will their parents!

What awesome non-toy gift ideas do you have?

Have you gifted any experiences lately? I’d love to hear, so please share in the comments. And before you go, pin this to your gift ideas board on Pinterest!

Take a look at some non-toy gift options and gift the gift of experience or opportunity. Help them create a new hobby or take them out. Here are some awesome gift ideas for the kid that has too many toys! #giftideas #kidsgifts #nontoygifts #giftexperiences
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(20) Comments

  1. My kids love outings/experiences! They love going to the museum or to the local bounce house. Lots of times, it is way better than toys. Thanks for the other ideas.

    1. Yes I completely agree! Plus it’s so much more memorable than the things that they will eventually forget about!

  2. These are such cute ideas. Experiences are such a great and thoughtful gift idea. I especially loved the aquarium and cooking ideas!

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you liked them because I really feel like there are so many ways we could get more creative in gift giving!!

  3. I love these ideas. My kid’s b-day is in October but I’m already keeping my eyes and ears open for special gift ideas. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I’m with you, always trying to come up with something ahead of time! I decided to redo my daughter’s room for her birthday months before and started shopping for things over the past few months!

  4. JP Gougler says:

    I’m all for these ideas and less stuff around the house!

  5. This is fabulous! I love it when my kids get non-toy gifts, and so do they. Memberships are AMAZING to receive!

    1. Agreed! They really do appreciate the non-toy gifts more…most of the time at least! The memories last longer and they’re so worth it. And I agree, memberships as gifts are the BEST!

  6. Yes, girl! I am all about the non toy gifts! I mean, we’ll get 1 or 2 but we really don’t need a whole hoard of toys for every holiday. My little one is more often interested in the box than the toy, go figure. I love giving experience gifts instead. I love the idea of a zoo pass! I think that would be such a great one as my kiddo is obsessed with all things wild life right now.

    1. Agreed! I’m all for some toys, they are kids after all! But getting more than a few all at once is so overwhelming for them. There are so many ways to gift experiences or hobbies that are super fun too.

  7. Parker says:

    I love love this idea! Enough toys already lol def will save this

  8. These are great ideas, I love the experiences and I’m sure my kids would love that as well too!

    1. I’ve found that experiences really are the best for everyone!

  9. We have 6 nephews and one niece, so we’re always looking for educational for non-toy gifts. You have some really great ideas on here, baking and crafts are always a good choice. This year we gifted our niece a coupon to go on the ferris wheel and rides and get a “sweet treat” down at the pier. We were planning to go in March… poor little poppet has been waiting a while. Couldn’t have imagined everything would be shut down! She’s taken it all in stride, something to look forward to. Great post!

    1. That is the sweetest gift for you niece! I love when our family and friends to offer experience gift like that!

  10. I love these non toy ideas! So creative!

  11. Yesssss! We pretty much NEVER put toys on our girls’ wishlists for holidays – it’s always BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS, certain clothing items (e.g. new snowpants or swim fins), crafting supplies, or things like specialized camping gear. Thanks to family members who know how much we like to camp, the girls each got sleeping bags, liners, kid-sized camp chairs, marshmallow roasting sticks, camp towels, etc. over the years – stuff they’ve put to good use year after year. And my mama, who comes to visit often, has more than once gifted a family museum membership that includes her so that she/I can take the girls whenever she visits.

  12. My nephew has received a lot of toys for his birthday last month, which is why this holiday, I’m thinking of giving him a children’s book instead. Well, thank you for also suggesting here that the Local Zoo and Aquarium membership would be an excellent present as well. I’ll also keep in mind to look for art supplies that he may play with because this may help spark his imagination.

  13. You have some wonderful non-toy gift ideas. Experience gifts are definitely the most thoughtful and fun, but I also like the kitchen helper stool. It is a great way to help mom with those Christmas cookies.

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