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Easter Ideas for the Whole Family

Easter Ideas for the Whole Family

Easter is right around the corner, so I thought I’d share a few Easter themed ideas for the whole family! Easter season is a time spent surrounded by loved ones with a family focus, so Easter projects the whole family can enjoy seemed perfect.

These are ideas I’ve had on the blog in the past and a few others that I’ve tried or would love to try one day!

Easter Ideas for the Family

Easter is a time to come together and spend time together as a family. These Easter ideas are perfect for the whole family to enjoy! Easter recipes, Easter crafts and even Easter outfits for family photos. #easterwreath #easterbasket #eastereggs #familyphotooutfits #eastercrafts

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Dyed Easter Deviled Eggs

Try this fun spin on an Easter tradition: Dyed Deviled Easter Eggs! You don't have to eat hard boiled eggs all week with this fun recipe! It brings Easter egg decorating to a whole new level. 
#easterrecipe #eastereggs #eastereggrecipe #easterideas

These dyed deviled Easter eggs will be fun for everyone! What little one doesn’t want to double dye their eggs? The kids will enjoy creating colorful eggs and the adults will enjoy the tasty creation!

Dressed Up Peeps

Chocolate dipped Peeps, a fun Easter treat the whole family can make and enjoy!

I actually made these a few years back for my family, but they never made it to a blog post! I love all the different colored peeps, chocolates and sprinkles. It’s super easy to let your kids help. You can be in charge of the chocolate dipping and let them decorate with sprinkles!

You can even cover them completely in chocolate and make a Peeps s’more!

Glitter Easter Eggs

Glitter painted Easter eggs

Now this one will get messy, so proceed with caution! Even though I know that glitter is the herpes of all crafts, I can’t help but love it. I know that my daughter would go crazy over this fun project, so it may be something we try out this Easter!

Easter Egg Painted Rocks

Painted rock Easter eggs. A fun Easter themed craft that they whole family can enjoy.

If dying eggs isn’t your thing or you’re looking to add something different to the egg hunt this year, try some painted rock Easter Eggs! The kids will love to make them and painting is therapeutic for adults too.

Italian Easter Bread

Italian Easter Bread. A fun Easter recipe to make as a family tradition

I made this exact recipe many years ago, like before kids when I had much more time on my hands, and it was a big hit! If I remember correctly, mine did not look quite as beautiful, but it was delicious nonetheless. I may have to try my hand at it again.

My daughter is all about helping in the kitchen and my son loves standing on his helper stool, so surely we can make this together. If you have older kids, you can teach them about the bread making process!

Peeps Popcorn

Peeps Popcorn, a fun Easter recipe!

Does this one really need an explanation? Melted chocolate, over popcorn, with Peeps, Robin’s Eggs, and sprinkles. Yes please!

You could even melt some of the Peeps and toss the popcorn and Robin’s Eggs in to create a colorful popcorn ball ball creation!

Bunny Hop Workout

Bunny Hop Workout - an Easter themed workout to help you burn some calories this holiday!

Here’s a little Easter themed workout to go with all the treats that I shared above! I created this workout way back and still think it’s a good one. Burn off some of the Easter candy with this total body burn.

Beautiful Easter Wreath

Beautiful Easter wreath!

This gorgeous Easter wreath can actually be found on Amazon for less than $50! But if you’re looking to make your own Easter themed wreath, I found this awesome blog post from The Prudent Penny Pincher that has 75 different DIY wreaths and links to how to make them!

Easter Outfits

Born to Hunt2 Piece Bunny SetSeersucker Overalls Bunny Dress

I couldn’t end this post without sharing some of my favorite Easter outfits! I’m a sucker for seersucker in the Spring, so here are a few adorable choices for little ones this Easter! In fact, I’ve found several other Easter options for the whole family if you’re looking for something new and fun this Easter season!

I snagged these gorgeous dresses for my daughter and myself this Easter! It comes in 4 different prints and sizes from 0-3 months to adult XXL! I’ll be sure to share a photo on my Instagram as soon as I get them.

Let’s make Easter fun!

I hope these ideas spark some sort of creativity and inspire you to do something fun as a family this Easter. Whether it’s making a new recipe, creating fun Easter eggs or finding fun outfits to take family photos, you’ll love doing it as a family. Being together is what really counts!

If you’re looking for more Easter fun this year, check out my Easter Pinterest board. And don’t forget to pin this for later!

Easter is a time to come together and spend time together as a family. These Easter ideas are perfect for the whole family to enjoy! Easter recipes, Easter crafts and even Easter outfits for family photos. #easterwreath #easterbasket #eastereggs #familyphotooutfits #eastercrafts

Do y’all have any other Easter recipes, workouts or projects I should try?

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  1. I have been looking for fun ideas for easter. This is great. Thank You for sharing

  2. These look so much fun to do! I’ll definitely try the Glitter Easter Eggs with my kids 🙂

    1. Don’t those look like so much fun! I love glitter even though it ends up everywhere!

      1. I love all the cute Easter ideas! So fun! Thanks for sharing!

  3. So many fun ideas! This gets me excited for Easter! <3

    1. Me too! It’s like a light at the end of the winter tunnel.

  4. The Italian Easter bread looks super yummy, I’m going to add that to my to-do list + the painted rocks, I think the kids (and I) will love it!

    1. Doesn’t it look delicious! I made it a few years back and it was a big hit. My husband saw this post and asked if I would try and make it again!

  5. Oh WOW!! That Easter wreath! I love being creative, so I might have to have a go at making one. Some great Easter Gift ideas here.

    1. Isn’t it beautiful? I used to make our holiday wreaths and I may need to try my hand at a new Easter one since my old one got lost a few years back!

  6. Great ideas! I never really know what to do for Easter. Luckily both grandmas live nearby and typically have it covered. This year it’s on my oldest’s birthday so she’s gonna get so spoiled! lol

    1. That’s so fun! My parent’s do a lot of the Easter day festivities which is nice. My daughter is super into arts and crafts right now so I’m always on the hunt for a fun themed craft idea!

  7. Amber Hurley says:

    Love these ideas! The italian easter bread sounds amazing!!

    1. Thanks! The bread was amazing. The Italians really know what they’re doing 🙂

  8. These are great ideas! The deviled eggs are adorable!

    1. Thank you! I’m always up for a fun holiday project!

  9. We don’t really partake in all the easter candy and treats so I love that there are so many other ideas on here. The bunny hop exercise is SO cute! I can already see my boys loving it.

    1. I am all for non-treat options when it comes to the holidays. My parents always manage to give them sweets, so they don’t need to be getting them from me!

  10. My kids would love those dressed up peeps! And me too 🙂

    1. Right? What’s not to love about chocolate and sugar covered marshmallows?!

  11. Such fun and colorful ideas. I gotta try the deviled eggs and peeps. Question: how do you keep the little ones from eating all of the peeps prior to serving? lol. I love kids helping but they drive me crazy wanting to eat all of the yummy stuff before it’s finished! I used to too can’t blame them. Happy Easter!

    1. An excellent question indeed! One that I don’t really know the answer to. Haha. My daughter is always wanting to try everything we use!

  12. My boys would love peeps popcorn and those glitter eggs are gorgeous!

    1. The Peeps popcorn is at the top of my list to make this year. We love popcorn in our family!

  13. I love these easter ideas! So cute!

  14. Those glitter eggs are GORGEOUS

    1. Agreed! I can only imagine the mess they make. But it seems so worth it!

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