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8 Reasons Why Disney is for Adults
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8 Reasons Why Disney is for Adults

If you’ve been around here for a while or know me personally, you know just how much I love Disney. Not just Disney movies, but Disney World, Disneyland, anything and everything Disney related.

I venture off to Disney World at least once a year and most of the time without my kids! That’s right, girls trips to Disney World are the absolute best. Disney isn’t just for kids and I’m here to tell you exactly why Disney is for adults!

Whoever decided that Disney is just for kids didn't know what they were talking about. Disney is just as much for adults as it is for little ones. Here are 8 reasons why Disney is also for adults. Now get ready to plan your next grown up getaway to Disney World or Disneyland! #disneyforadults #adultdisneytrip

1. You get to escape from reality.

Disney World isn't just for kids, it's for adults too. There are so many reasons why Disney is for adults, but this one reason should be enough - You can escape reality! Even if it's just for a short time, Disney World can take your mind off of the worries of the real world.

It’s impossible to be at Disney World and worry about your everyday life. Once you pass underneath that magical arch bringing you into the World of the Main Mouse, you can push your worries aside. Go ahead, live in a fantasyland. Let loose and have fun! It’s your chance to let go of whatever is bringing you down or worrying your mind for at least a short time. Because at Disney World, everything really is magical.

2. You can drink your way around the world at Epcot.

Have you ever traveled around the world in a day? You can start off with margaritas in Mexico at lunchtime. Followed by a beer and pretzel in Germany. Then you can grab some sangria (try the sparkling at Spice Road Table) in Morocco while you continue to walk your way around the world. Finish out your evening with some fun at the pub in the United Kingdom!

3. You get to ride all the rides.

Rides aren't just for kids at Disney World!

You can ride whatever rides you want! You’re always tall enough. But for real, there are so many great rides at Disney, and they aren’t just for kids. Rockin’ Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror are sure to make your stomach flip at Hollywood Studios! You can jump on any of the Mountains – Space, Splash, Thunder – in Magic Kingdom for some fun. Animal Kingdom has an actual safari and now their new Pandora has one of the coolest rides I’ve ever been on! And don’t forget Soarin’ at Epcot! Even though it’s not a roller coaster, it’s one of my favorite rides. Be sure to take a big whiff with each new scene as they pump in smells to go along with the ride.

4. No one can tell you no to special snacks.

Disney World is full of tasty treats that are geared more towards adults! Check out this adorable Up inspired sorbet. You better believe it's designed was meant to be posted on Instagram by us!

You can buy all the pretty, tasty snacks – for your tummy and the gram. As a kid, you have to ask your parents to get you something delicious – and most of the time the answer is no. As an adult, you’re free to get whatever your heart and stomach desire. “No one to tell us no, or where to go, or say we’re only dreaming!” Name that movie!

But seriously, there is so much to eat at Disney. Most of it, little ones don’t appreciate.

5. Meet all the characters.

Take advantage of all the character meet and greets at Disney! Characters aren't just for the kids!

Go in for that hug! Character meet and greets are the BEST as an adult. You get to meet your childhood heros, interact with them and snap some awesome pictures. I think characters enjoy meeting adults more because they have the chance to actually have a conversation. Don’t be afraid to tell characters that they are your favorite or quote something from their movies. They love that! Just like you can eat and drink around the world, you can also meet and greet around the world!

6. You can wear super cute Disney clothes.

Feeling fancy at Disneyland Dapper Day! Dressed up in our Alice in Wonderland teacup finest!

Don’t be afraid to dress a little extra! Okay maybe you don’t want to dress up like your favorite tea cup from Wonderland, but you can still dress your Disney best. Rock your favorite old school shirt or find a new one from one of the MANY small shops out there. Take a peek at some of my fun outfits in Disneyland Paris!

7. Experience the nightlife or shop and dine at Disney Springs.

Disney Springs is the new name for the old Downtown Disney. It is incredibly different and won’t disappoint! There are tons of new shops, restaurants, bars and more. If you’re not ready to head back to the hotel after a day at the parks, head to Disney Springs and experience the nightlife. I’m telling you, Disney World isn’t just for kids!

8. You get to act like a kid again and no one cares!

Being silly and playing around with Chip and Dale dressed as dinosaurs! Disney is fun and a place where you can be a kid again!

Disney may be for adults too, but that doesn’t mean that you have to act like one. One of the best things about being at Disney is that you get to be a kid again. Better yet, no one cares because they’re living their best life too!

Disney is 100% for adults.

Whether you bring your kids or hit up the most magical place on earth as an adult only trip, just remember these reason why Disney is for adults! If you’re a skeptic, it’s all about what you make it. Embrace the fun and let loose because Disney World and Disneyland are not just for kids!

There are countless reasons why you should go on an adults only Disney trip! I'm here to share my top reasons and you better believe that number 8 if the most fun of all! #disneyforadults #kidfreedisneytrip #adultsatdisney #disneyworld #disneytrip

Disney Veterans: What’s your favorite part about Disney World or Disneyland?

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  1. I didn’t make it till 23 and it was still so, so magical.

    1. Right? Disney is so magical for grown ups too! It doesn’t matter how old I am or how many kids I have, it’s just as magical every time I go!

  2. I absolutely love Disneyland! We’re lucky enough to live within driving distance, and I so agree that Disney is for adults too! Now that I have my daughter I love taking her with me and showing her the magic 🙂

    1. I’m so jealous that you’re within driving distance! We aren’t exactly close to either but I manage to find my way to one coast or the other every year!

  3. Ha ha!! Love this! and I totally agree. I’ve been to disney 3 times without my kids lol.

    1. Yes! That’s so great. My annual girls trip for the Princess Half Marathon is almost always kid free and I love it! It’s a different vibe without the kids that’s for sure!

  4. YASSS. I totally agree that Disney is for ADULTS. I went for the first time EVER last year and had as much as our son!

    1. Yes girl! I mean the magic of Disney is real and it’s just so much fun!

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