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10 Gifts Moms Actually Want
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10 Gifts Moms Actually Want

It’s my birthweek! Time for me to celebrate the big 3-2. The most exciting thing about turning 32 is that I can dance around annoying everyone while singing some Taylor Swift. “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 32!” Maybe those are not the actual lyrics, but I can guarantee you that this momma does NOT feel like she’s 22. I could stay up way later and drink quite a bit more when I was 22! Anyway, I intend to sing this all day Saturday. My family is going to love me.

But I’m not here to butcher Taylor Swift lyrics, I’m here to share with you a wish list. Not just my wish list, but likely most moms out there. This is what moms really want for their birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, any holiday you can gift them something fabulous.

Moms are constantly putting their needs aside to tend to those they love. They don't buy themselves frilly gifts or have time to spend on themselves most days! When it comes to gift giving, we don't want another book that we won't have time to read or promises of a nice night out. We want something planned for us, something special to us or something that will benefit us. This is a list of 8 things that moms really want!

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Gift Ideas that Moms Actually Want

1. A maid

This sounds like a joke, but I’m not kidding. If you don’t already have a maid service, hire a group to come in and do a deep cleaning of the whole house. I literally dream about this! Someone else to clean my blinds, baseboards, and toilets, mop my floors, and vacuum all the carpet? Yes, please! I had a maid once after our kitchen remodel in our townhome. (I miss that kitchen so much!) It was a game changer. Now that my house is bigger with more kids and more mess, a maid would be amazing.

If the momma in your life already has a monthly maid, maybe pay for the extra deep clean one month or have them come twice! I’m just saying, anytime someone else can clean for me, I’m there. I think part of my job title is professional maid and picker upper. I could stand to have someone else do that just once!

You know what mom really wants for her birthday or Mother's Day? It probably isn't flowers or a cake. What Mom really wants is...

2. Gift cards to her favorite store

Gift cards are always amazing because they are to be used at one specific place. Cash could potentially just be deposited and used as grocery funds or never specifically towards an actual gift. Us moms have a habit of forgetting to splurge on ourselves!

Here’s the catch with gift cards, get them for her favorite store where she will be less likely to buy something for the kids. Target is obviously amazing, but what are the chances she wanders into the baby, kids or kitchen section and gets something for the little ones or the house? Narrow it down to somewhere you know she loves like Lululemon, J. Crew, Pottery Barn or somewhere else that she could use a little splurge!

3. A massage

I’m not talking about rubbing her shoulders or feet one night, I mean at least an hour, probably 90 minutes, by a professional. Again, don’t give her cash for a massage, get a gift card to her favorite massage place nearby or schedule it for her. Don’t give her the opportunity to not actually get one. All of us momma have built up tension from the stress of raising kids to be functional humans. I’ve never regretted getting a massage. Not once.

When it comes to holidays, moms want things that will make their lives easier or make them feel better! Here are 8 things that Moms really want!

4. A Facial

This gift is along the same lines as the massage, but a little different. Maybe the mom in your life has always wanted a facial and never taken the time to get one. Or perhaps skincare is incredibly important to her. Whatever the reason, a facial is an excellent gift for a mom who needs a little TLC.

5. A Spa Day

Let’s one up that massage or facial and give her a whole day at a spa. That means you’re not giving her just another massage. You’re giving her a day to pamper herself. Make sure the spa is reputable and has lots of amenities for her to enjoy. If she does it right, she can spend HOURS there relaxing and recharging. Start with time in a quiet room, then a massage followed by a nice champagne brunch or lunch. Afterwards she can go for a swim and then a dip in the hot tub or sauna. There is so much to do at a spa that a mom could use!

What moms really want for their birthday, Mother's Day and other holidays! I'll give you a hint, time alone and help with her daily chores is a game changer. I was gifted number 1 this last year and it has changed my life! #whatmomswant #mothersdaygifts #giftsformom #momgiftideas #giftguideformoms #momgiftguide

6. Money or gift cards for an impending trip

Does the mom in your life have a trip coming up? Maybe get a gift card or put money towards that vacation! For example, I’m headed to Disney World just 4 days after my birthday. This is my big present from my husband this year, a mommy and me Disney trip with Chloe and our besties Ali and Renee. An awesome gift would be Disney gift cards or cash that I can spend on this trip without feeling one bit guilty. Maybe I’ll use it to buy myself something special or put it towards a nicer meal while we’re there! It’s nice to have some extra guilt free spending money on vacation!

It doesn’t have to be Disney, maybe she’s going on a cruise and you can put in towards an upgrade or drink package. Maybe she’s planning a weekend away and you can send a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries to her hotel. Or donate to her vacation fund if she’s wanting to plan something soon, but needs the money for it. There are tons of ways to help a momma get the vacation she needs!

7. A day alone

It’s as simple as that. Alone time is rare for a mother, especially if her kids are little. We’re constantly be pestered for one thing or another no matter how old our kids are though. Sometimes we just want to be alone. We don’t want anyone to touch us. All we want is silence or that podcast we can’t listen to around the kids or music that doesn’t make our head hurt. Really, we just want to do exactly what we want when we want. Sounds amazing right?

So give momma the day to herself. Load up the kids and take them out or to their grandparents house, so mom can have time at home alone. Or keep the kids at home and send mom away for the day, but make sure she has places to go and money to spend if you go that route!

8. A staycation night at a hotel

Instead of a day alone, what about a night alone? Send mom to a nice hotel and let her relax and feel pampered for an evening. If she doesn’t want to be completely alone, see if you can get a sitter for the kids and have a couples night away. Be sure to pamper her and make her feel appreciated!

9. A care package

Self care is a field where many moms lack the time and resources. We’re quick to put others first, so put together a care package to make her life easier. You can find some cute ones already put together like this one for a mom boss!

Or this one that you can snag on Amazon. I love the succulent and lavender vanilla honey!

You can also build your own! Here are a few things that you could include:

Pick and choose a couple from the list and add your own ideas to make something special for her. There is nothing better than a personalized present!

10. Something specific for her hobby

Moms have hobbies too! We may not have a ton of time for them some days, but we do have things we enjoy and get to them when we can. Something for her hobby may even help her dedicate more time to it! Here are some examples.

  • Crafty DIY Mom: Vinyl for her cutting machine, gift card to Hobby Lobby or Michaels, a fun craft basket!

Moms deserve a special gift for their special day.

Just because she says she doesn’t need anything, doesn’t mean you should take her seriously. What moms actually want is to be loved, appreciated, and acknowledged. Every mom needs a little TLC, especially on her birthday or Mother’s Day. Show her you care in whatever way you can. It doesn’t have to cost a lot, as long as it comes from the heart and lifts her spirits!

Wracking your brain for the perfect gift for the mom in your life? Here's what moms really want. I'll give you a hint, it usually involves quiet or cleaning!

Moms out there, weigh in. What is a gift that you would LOVE to get?

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(31) Comments

  1. This is such a great list! I wish someone would buy me a maid and a massage for a gift; that would be a dream come true!

    1. Yes! A maid and massage would be the BEST! I would love for someone else to clean my house for me.

    2. Yep! This really helped. BUT it does take a lot of money!

  2. First of all Happy Birthday!! Love this list, everything is spot on!! The only thing I would add would be a day where the kids eat everything I cook with out complaining ?

    1. Oh that’s a really good one too! My daughter is on a strict toddler diet…aka nothing I make.

  3. Yes, yes, yes to all of these! Especially the massage and a day alone. Oh, what would that be like?!?!

    1. Right? Alone time is mythical these days!

      1. I really need a spa day and a care package right away. Someone please gift it to me

        1. Right? me too!

  4. My kids are all grown, but I still think this list is PERFECT! You’ve listed just about anything a mom could ever want ?

    1. Does that mean there is hope for alone time in our distant future? 🙂

  5. Yassss. I would totally want a maid! I feel like the cleaning never ends!

    1. That is definitely my number 1. I feel like I’m constantly picking up, wiping counters, cleaning floors and so on!

  6. Oh my god, I would LOVE it if someone hired a maid for me for my birthday or Christmas!!! That’d be incredible! Massages and spa days are also good, but man, I’d save a lot of time if I had a maid!

    1. Right? I keep telling my husband that’s all I want for Christmas, but I’m not sure if it’s really sunk in yet! Life would be so much easier with a maid!

  7. Yes to all of these things!! That is what I ask for every year for my birthday: a day where I can just lie in bed, and watch my shows, and not be needed lol

    1. Yes! To not be needed is really all us moms need. We’re needed 24/7 so to have just one day where everything is just done for us is amazing.

  8. YEEEESSSSSS to all of this! Every single thing on this list!

    1. Haha yes!! I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels like these are ideal!

  9. I would happily take a day all to myself! Awesome list!

    1. Agreed! There is something to be said about having some time alone. Especially now!

  10. These are fantastic ideas! I think with quarantine every mom wants a day to herself! I’m always looking for someone else to cook dinner and clean, so those would make my list too.

    1. Oh yes most definitely. I think a day to myself is at the top of my list this year!

  11. As a mum of four kids, I definitely agree. Especially with mum 1. I’m still trying to find Mary Poppins.

    1. Haha yes! I’m on an eternal hunt for Mary Poppins and her magic!

  12. Time alone is like gold to me! I have a horse so I cherish any time I get to myself to go to the barn.

    Luckily my fiancé is very good about letting me go regularly without having to take the baby. Although, my daughter is really into the horses.

  13. I gave this list to my husband as a reference. My number one pick is a maid….YES PLEASE 🙂

    1. Right? I had been hinting at one to my husband for a few years and FINALLY for Christmas he got the hint! Now I have one that comes once a month which was an even bigger surprise because I just wanted a deep clean!

  14. Yes! A day a home, alone! That right there sounds like magic to me. I hope you get what you want!

  15. Yessss! I actually have a gift card for a massage right now that I can’t use because of #stayhome and OH I need a massage! So I am making do with requesting “day off”s from cleaning and kid-school supervising whenever I need a break, and otherwise making sure my husband covers his half of the virtual schooling now that his own online teaching is done for the semester.

    1. A day off from those tasks that we do every day is SOOOO nice! Hopefully you’ll be able to get a massage soon. I need one so badly too!

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