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James Brody: 1 Month Old
James Brody

James Brody: 1 Month Old

They say time flies by and that they grow up so fast. They’re so right. And this is something I already know! I have another baby after all. It doesn’t matter how many times people tell you or how many times you’ve experienced it already, it’s still shocking how fast they grow. Today my little man is already one month old. A month ago, I walked into my doctor’s office and told her that I concede and was ready to meet my son. A month ago, I was feeling miserable and like my baby would never be born! I knew I would look back and laugh at myself for wanting so desperately to get him out then and there. I’m at that point now as I look at my perfect son who is already a month old. How did that happen?

Since Brody was only born a month ago and this is his first monthly update, he has quite a few firsts. I’m just going to highlight the fun stuff because let’s be real, no one wants to know about his first blow out, spit up or time he peed all over dad. {Okay you may want to know about those. Let’s just leave it at the peeing all over dad was hilarious and has happened on more than one occasion!

First baby shower

Brody attended his first baby shower before he was even two weeks old! If you haven’t gotten the chance to read about my sister’s baby shower, be sure to take a look! Brody can’t wait to meet his cousin and built in best friend.

First bath

His umbilical cord stump fell off mostly when he was 12 days old. By 13 days, it was completely gone and Brody was ready for his first real bath in a tub! Nonna was also itching to give him one. She actually was the first one to clean up both of my babies post delivery and give them their first real baths at home. It’s so special having a mom that is a nurse!

First road trip

Just like his sister, Brody’s first road trip was to College Station, TX! Since Jojo and Pops live there, it’s the perfect place to go during Aggie home games. We get lots of extra love and time with JP’s family, and we get to go to the Aggie football games. I don’t go to all of them, but occasionally it’s nice to get away. I’m so fortunately to have a rockstar mother-in-love that is always willing to watch my babies and give me a little break.

First visit to Jojo & Pops’ house

This kind of coincides with his first road trip, but I do believe that his first visit to his Jojo and Pops house is worth documenting! We’re already looking for trip number two in just a couple of weeks!

First thumb suck

The picture above not only documented his first visit to Jojo and Pops’, but it also captured this little guy’s first thumb suck! He is completely obsessed with his hands, so it makes sense that he’s found his thumb. He hasn’t really quick figured it all out, but he’s found it a few times since then.

First out of state visitor

Brody’s Auntie Ali and one of my very best friends flew in from Chicago last weekend just to meet this little guy…and to see me I like to think! She was actually in the delivery room with me when Chloe was born, so it was hard to have her far away when Brody came into the world. Luckily she was able to come down and snuggle him before he hit the one month mark. We can still tell him one day that she’s known him his whole life. It was a wonderful visit that included lots of love, friends and Aggie football. Of course we lost to Bama, but one day we’ll beat them again! I was hoping Brody would be the Aggies good luck charm.

Brody loves…

  • nursing! I have another boobie baby that just loves to eat!
  • his big sister Chloe. I love watching them interact and she is just smitten with him.
  • being worn in a carrier. We’ve tried all four and he loves all of them.
  • snuggling whoever will hold him. He’s the snuggliest, most loving little guy.
  • being in motion. Walks and car rides are him jam. Just don’t stop. Red lights are not fun.
  • staring at fans, blinds and mobiles. 
  • swinging in his swing. It combines his love of being in motion and mobiles!

Brody dislikes…

  • diaper changes.
  • getting dressed or changing cloths.
  • drying off after bath time.

My sweet Brody Boy,

This last month with you in the world has been the best. I was worried before you arrived about how you would fit into our family, about how Chloe would react to you, about how I could love you as much as I do her. It’s silly to think about it now because loving you is like breathing and I couldn’t imagine our family without you. In just 31 days, you have changed our lives as we know it! In the best way of course. 

You are the sweetest, cuddliest boy and I could hold you for hours. I love having visitors, but when they leave, I’m thankful to have you to myself again. I love to wear you around the house just to hold you close to me for as long as possible. You rarely cry, but when you do, boy are you mad! You turn beet red like Baby Jack Jack from The Incredibles and you forehead turns purple. It’s actually quite comical minus the fact that you’re incredibly loud. But for the most part, you’re easy going and put up with all of our family antics.

I can’t wait to see where each month takes us, but I’m okay for everything to come slowly. I need to soak you up as much as possible because before I know it, you’ll be a wild 3 year old like your sister. Until then, I’m going to memorize your facial expressions, hold you as much as possible and see where life takes us. I love you to the moon and back James Brody and I can’t believe that God chose me to be your momma.

I love you without wax,


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