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4 Week Unbumpdate
Breastfeeding Postpartum

4 Week Unbumpdate

It’s time for another Unbumpdate! These are my postpartum diaries following along the lines of my pregnancy bumpdates. It’s a way for me to be real and honest about what’s happening during the 4th trimester or the first 3 months of Brody’s life.

Over the last 4 weeks, I’ve been fortunate enough to have my husband at home with me to help with the kids and to give me time to myself. I know that this is definitely helping my mood and my healing process. I still have him for another 4 weeks! I am one lucky momma!

How Old is Brody? 

He is 4 weeks old yesterday

Size of Brody: 

He’s definitely a hearty boy. Check back Thursday for this one month post to see where he’s at!

Weight Loss: 


I’m about 12lbs from my prepregnancy weight. I’ll admit, other than walking, I haven’t started try to lose the weight! I’ve been doing a little indulging in sweets and carbs lately. Going forward, I’m going to keep myself to eating dessert only once a day as opposed to once a meal! Haha. Breastfeeding cravings are no joke y’all!

Postpartum Aches and Pains: 

Postpartum pains went away much quicker this time around! I cramped pretty bad for the first two weeks or so, but after that it was gone. Since I didn’t tear the perineum pain was gone by the time I had my 2 week postpartum check up! That has been the biggest blessing since I remember being so sore for weeks after a second degree tear with Chloe. As far as my postpartum bleeding goes, it has subsided over the last week which was nice. {I stopped bleeding around week 4 with Chloe as well.}

My biggest complaint is back and neck pains. This momma needs to make an appointment with the chiropractor and get a massage! 


I’ve been in a pretty good headspace for the most part! The baby blues we definitely present in the early days which is incredibly common. Some days I’m still weepier than necessary over some things; mostly just mom guilt and silly things that I don’t need to worry about. I think my weepier days coincide with my lack of sleep. After a few bad nights, I’m a bit more emotional.

I’m still trying to be very aware of my emotions and whether any signs of postpartum depression or anxiety develop. I did deal with some postpartum anxiety that was diagnosed late with Chloe. If for some reason these feelings develop, I want to be on top of them this time around! But overall I’m loving this new season of life I’m in! 


Some nights are better than others! Brody pretty consistently wakes up every 3 hours to feed. About every other night or every 2 nights, we get a solid 5 hour stretch which is amazing! I’m a bit foggy brained these days, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. Thank goodness for JP who takes night time diaper duty, so I can just lay in bed and feed Brody. When I get out of bed, it’s so much harder for me to fall back asleep. I’d say I’m averaging about 5-6 hours a night which isn’t too bad for a 4 week old.


I am one of the fortunate ones that has a pretty easy time breastfeeding. Chloe and Brody were both great eaters that just seemed to know what they were doing. Brody is continuing to do a great job eating and gaining weight. He’s a little champ! Since we’re entering his first mental leap, he’s a bit fussier than normal and is wanting to cluster feed again. I don’t mind doing it, but it does give one tender nipples. Take a look at my postpartum favorites post to see what I use to help that!


Breastfeeding cravings are just as intense as pregnancy cravings if you ask me! Also, I find that I need to eat more when breastfeeding versus being pregnant. The average breastfeeding mom actually burns about 500 extra calories a day to product milk. Lately my cravings are all the carbs I can get my hands on. I’m more of a grazer, so lots of snacks to get me through to dinner time. I indulged quite a bit the first few weeks, and I’m trying to make healthier choices now that life is getting back to the swing of things.


After my 2 week postpartum appointment, my OB cleared me to start walking again and to begin easing into slow postpartum workouts. She was so impressed with my ability to walk and workout up until the day that I delivered that she gave me the okay a little earlier than normal. 

I’ve been very aware of my body and how I’m feeling, so I’m easing into everything. The past two weeks I’ve walked 3 days a week and seemed to pick up my pace a bit each time. 

Best Moments The Past 2 Weeks: 

Watching Chloe love on and interact with her baby brother! She’s constantly asking “where’s brother?” or “where did you put the baby?” when she knows exactly where he is. It’s kind of weird and adorable all at the same time.

Another best moment was when Auntie Ali came to visit from Chicago and meet Brody! It was so wonderful watching them interact, plus Ashley, Ali and I were reunited for a girls weekend. Football, sleepover and brunch included.

If you haven’t seen it already, be sure to check out Brody’s Birth Story. There is a part 2 in progress, but I’ll admit that I’m a bit slow and behind!

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