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Life Lately: May 2018
Life Lately

Life Lately: May 2018

Lately I’ve been posting a lot about our big trip to Amsterdam and Disneyland Paris. {I still have a lot to share with y’all though!} I’ve also been posting a lot about my pregnancy. Let’s be real, those are some of the biggest things that have been consuming my life these days! But, there is so much more. It’s been quite a long time since I did a lately post, so here’s what’s going on!

{Be sure to check out my new workout down there! It’s a good one and I have a video up on Insta of it!}

Lately I’ve been…

…reading the Century Trilogy. I’m currently on the third book in the series and I’m completely hooked. In case you haven’t heard of these books, they are by Ken Follett and their titles are Fall of Giants, Winter of the World and Edge of Eternity. It’s actually a historical fiction series. The first is around World War I, the second World War II and the thirt around the Cold War, Civil Rights Movement and Vietnam War. They follow fictional families from around the world and put them in real life situations that happened back then. I highly recommend them and I’m so glad that my awesome mother-in-law told me about this series! Just so y’all know, they are definitely long books, but they suck you in and you’re hooked!

…listening to The Birth Hour podcast! I’m hooked and I can’t get enough. The podcast is just different women telling their birth stories. There are all types of mommas and birth stories from natural births to planned c-sections. I love hearing about their pregnancies and their experiences. And any woman who has given birth knows that we love talking about and sharing our birth stories!

I had been listening to tons of true crime podcasts, but I had to take a step back while pregnant because of my hormones. I was getting so emotional and worked up, so I figured I could go back to them later. I need happy, good feels in my life right now.

…watching Silicon Valley at nights with the hubby, Outlander when I want to actually pay attention and watch a show and Make It or Break It reruns on Freeform when I want to watch something and multitask! Otherwise you can bet that my TV is on the Disney Jr app or HGTV.

…thinking about the fact that my baby girl is about to turn three and then become a big sister in just a matter of months. It’s been us against the world for the last three years and our world is about to experience some major changes! Amazing and exciting changes, but earth shattering for a three year old! I can’t help but think about how she’s going to take on becoming a big sister. I know that she will be the best, most caring sister to this baby boy, and I’m getting excited to see them together!

She’s also becoming obsessed with all of the baby stuff that we’re pulling out of the nursery! We’ve been storing all of her things in the baby room and not that we’re starting to turn it into a nursery, we’re in there a lot. Chloe loves playing with her Lotso Bear and her baby dolls, and occasionally tries to climb in herself! Looks like she’s grown quite a bit over the last 3 years.

…looking forward to our family trip to Schlitterbahn in a few weeks and my baby shower next month!

…working out as often as possible. My runs have turned into walk/run intervals and just long walks thanks to the rapidly increasing heat and humidity. I’ve also been trying to get more new and creative workouts in at my house. Here’s one that I knocked out in my workout area the other day. It was about 30 minutes and moderate intensity. Not too intense for a fit pregnant lady, but not as high intensity as I could manage without this little guy in my belly! Check out my Instagram to get a glimpse of the moves!

…eating lots and lots of carbs! My diet this pregnancy consists of a lot of bread, crackers, pretzels and tortilla chips. I also have been all about tuna, peanut butter, watermelon, apples, grilled cheese and ice cream.

…working hard on getting the house just the way I want it. After we painted back in March, I’ve been switching out decor, adding new pieces and trying to get my house just right. Some may call in nesting. Okay, I’m definitely nesting. We’ve just gotten several pieces from JP’s family that are making me excited like a tea cart in our dining room, a piano in our foyer and new furniture for Chloe! We’ve moved her old furniture into the baby’s room and after my shower I plan to finish getting the nursery all together!

…happy that we were able to spend last weekend in the Chicago area visiting our best friends’ new home! They just moved up there after living in Houston since 2012, and it was so hard to see our besties move far away last month. Getting together to celebrate Renee’s 2nd birthday was perfect. Having the gang all together like normal was the perfect way to spend my last big trip of this pregnancy. Here are just a few pictures from our long weekend:

…ready for a summer full of fun with my girl and hubby as a family of three! We might as well have a blast doing all of our favorite things while we can. We’ll be hitting the pool, zoo, indoor play areas and more. But lots of time will be spent in the water and air conditioning in this Houston heat!

There you have it! That’s pretty much what’s going on around here as of late. Obviously a lot of it is centered around my pregnancy and getting ready for baby boy to join us in August. I know y’all get that in my biweekly bumpdates, so hopefully I was able to shed some light on other things happening in my world these days.

Now I’m looking for suggestions…send me some books that I need to read, easy shows that I can binge watch and podcasts to listen to! {Podcasts don’t have to be pregnancy related! Just not sad or too upsetting…hello hormones!}

What should we add to our summer bucket list before baby? I want to make a list of things to do with my girl before her brother comes!

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