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Friday Favorites: Keukenhof Gardens

Friday Favorites: Keukenhof Gardens

Love is the answer, and you know that for sure; Love is a flower, you’ve got to let it grow. – John Lennon

I’m back and ready to share our adventure with y’all! To say that our experience was amazing would be an understatement. I’m pretty sure I say that about every trip we take. Traveling is such an important part of our lives, so every trip is an amazing adventure that we cherish forever. Cheesy, I know, but this one was no different. We spent 8 days in Amsterdam, another 4 at Disneyland Paris and of course 2 travel days. Two weeks away from home soaking up culture, experience, adventure, scenery and more.

The first adventure I want to share with y’all was one of my favorite days in Amsterdam. On our second day, we took a bus out to Keukenhof to see the tulips! I have so many pictures to share with y’all. It was hard to narrow it down, but I think I got it to about 30 something. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


There were so many floral and vine archways that Chloe wanted to go through again and again.


Everywhere you looked there was so much color. According to the Keukenhof website, about 7 million bulbs are planted every year over the 79 acre gardens. We were lucky to be in Holland at the perfect time of year. The gardens are open from mid-March to mid-May and usually mid-April is the perfect time to visit! We were actually there April 13th, right in the middle of April. There were still some flowers that hadn’t bloomed since it was an unusually cold winter. You can see a few trying to pop up in the garden above.


There were also lots of paths and water features that Chloe loved. I even got her to give me a pretty smile which never happens these days. She loved being able to get out of her stroller, climb up the rocks and walk around on her own.




This weird instrument below is called a street organ. I had never seen one before this trip, but we saw several in Holland. Each one we saw seemed to draw quite the crowd.


Apparently each year Keukenhof park has a theme and this year’s theme is Romance in Flowers. According to their website, the park was designed midway through the Romantic period (1857) as an ornamental garden for Castle Keukenhof. Since 1950, millions of tulips have flowered in the garden around the pond with its centuries-old beech trees. Many generations experienced joyous moments there; people have proposed in the romantic tulip garden or had secret rendezvous in the Cupid Garden!



Everywhere we turned there was a different flower bed, a new path and more color as we explored the park.




Chloe personally loved these large white objects in the flowers. She called them marshmallows and couldn’t stop talking about them the whole time we were there. After some deliberation and help from our family, we have come to the decision that they look like duck butts. You know like they’re dipping their heads into the water with their booties in the air. It seemed about right to me! Any other thoughts?


You can’t forget about the windmill! Windmills are a staple in The Netherlands after all.



After we passed by the windmill, there was this big open space with several different staged areas. There was a Delftware garden, a flamingo garden, a flower truck and more! They were so gorgeous and a fun spin on your typical garden.


In the same area, there was also a park for the kiddos and food trucks! We let Chloe play and run around while we ate some lunch. We had pulled pork sandwiches and frites. It was a nice chance for me to sit down for a bit! I forgot how walking around all day can be rough when pregnant. Of course resting didn’t last too long because Chloe wanted her mommy and daddy to play with her! She had a blast and didn’t want to leave.


We had a bit of a row trying to move on from the park and things went downhill for a while. It got pretty cold and windy, so we went into the green houses. The flowers and exhibits in here were gorgeous and in full bloom.

These roses were some of my absolute favorites! They’re so fun and unique, and I love tie-dye. Random fact: In college, I loved tie-dying things. I had tons of shirts, pillow cases, sock and more. It was so much fun that all of a sudden I want to do it again!

Okay back to the flowers, let’s also just talk about these gorgeous marbled flowers! They’re so neat and I just don’t know how they do it.


We had an amazing time spending hours walking around the gardens and greenhouses. Just before we left, we found these colorful birds and I happened to snap a picture of them giving each other a peck!

I hope y’all enjoyed the pictures! I know there were a ton and I’m impressed if you actually made it this far in my post. Be prepared for more posts from our trip with even more pictures to share. I hope y’all don’t get sick of it, but I have to document our babymoon.

Everyone have an amazing weekend, and I’ll be back Monday with more!

Have you ever been to Holland’s Keukenhof gardens?
What is your favorite type of flower? Besides the awesome tie-dyed roses, tulips are my favorite flowers!


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