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Secrets are NO Fun

Secrets are NO Fun

Anyone else hate secrets? I’m good at keeping them when I have to, but let’s be real…they’re no fun. I’ve been keeping a HUGE secret from y’all the past few months.


Yep I’ve been holding back and it’s been so hard not to just spill the beans! We really wanted to keep this special secret for just a bit.

I’m not sure it you noticed, but that does indeed say baby BOY coming August 2018! We already know the sex and couldn’t be more thrilled to be having a son. We did a gender reveal with our families on Friday that I plan to share soon!

I know everyone has questions, so let me just lay it all out there. Then you don’t have to ask. But if you have more, feel free to ask me. I’m kind of an open book.

When is your actual due date?

– August 23, 2018

How far along are you?

– I’m 13 weeks 4 days today!

How do you already know it’s a boy?

– We decided to do the NIPT genetic blood test that also determines sex.

Did you actually have the flu after Chloe in January?

– Nope, but I was sick, sick, sick for 2 weeks all pregnancy related.

Why did you have to stop working out for a couple of weeks?

– I experienced some pink spotting at 7 weeks which terrified me. I went to the doctor for an early ultrasound and everything looked okay, but baby was measuring a week behind. My doctor asked me not to do any physical activity besides walking for 2 weeks so that everything could settle. Now baby boy is measuring right on track.

How have you been feeling?

– My morning sickness hasn’t been nearly as bad as when I was pregnant with Chloe! Thank goodness. I had a few really rough weeks, but survived. The hardest part of this pregnancy is the exhaustion. I can’t explain how tired I’ve felt these past several weeks! Being pregnant and keeping up with a toddler is no joke, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Do you have any names yet?

– Yes and no. We have some favorite names but haven’t completely decided yet. Don’t worry, I’ll let y’all know when we’re ready.  

Is Chloe excited?

– She’s not sure if she’s excited. She loves talking about her baby and kissing mommy’s tummy, but that little girl has no idea what’s coming her way! The good news is that she’s obsessed with babies and is starting to understand that one of those is going to live in her house.  

That’s all I can think of for now! I’m planning to to weekly or biweekly bumpdates just like I did with Chloe. I loved documenting my pregnancy with Chloe and can’t wait to do this again. So here’s to BABY BOY GOUGLER!

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