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Be My Valentines

Be My Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all! This year Valentine’s Day is so much fun because Chloe is obsessed! She keeps telling everyone “Happy Balentime’s Day!” and loving all the treats that come along with it. There’s a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode about a Valentine’s surprise for Minnie which is why I think Chloe started talking about it. That and school of course!

Chloe’s very first Valentine’s Day party was yesterday at school and she came home smiling ear to ear with her bag of treats. They made bags last week with a teddy bear holding a heart. {See below.} She’s been talking about it literally since last Thursday! She finally got to show it to me and she was beaming. This age can be so much fun y’all!

My flowers and card above are actually not from JP…they’re from my secret admirer! Just kidding, they’re from my best girl Kristin! On our way home from visiting Julie in Dallas, we pit stopped for a few hours in Waxahachie to spend some QT with Kristin. More on that tomorrow when my Dallas post goes live! There’s nothing better than a sweet card and beautiful flower from your friend you’ve loved since you were almost 9 years old!

JP and I have never really gone overboard for V-Day. Mostly we cook a nice dinner one night the week of Valentine’s Day, and we try to spend more quality time together. In the past, I’ve tried to come up with a new and “fancy” recipe and paired it with a yummy wine. Meanwhile, JP has always had a sweet side. Even when I say don’t get me anything, he always gets me flowers and chocolate or ice cream! {He always seems to know when I need flowers in my life!}

This year we’re going a slightly different route. Tomorrow night my sister and her husband have offered for babysit Chloe for us to go out for a few hours and do whatever we want! We brainstormed and came up with a few ideas but settled on…BOWLING! We’re going to put on some sweet bowling shoes, eat crappy bowling ally food and just spend time together! Plus we get to be competitive which is always fun for us.

This year we’re definitely doing a bit more for Valentine’s Day this year because of Chloe. Her love and joy around the holiday just makes you want to celebrate. We got her some sweet little gifts just because we love her. Thank you Target dollar spot and Cat and Jack clothes for helping me create something Chloe will just love.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Chloe and I have some fun planned to celebrate today and we’ll have to surprise Daddy with a little something when he gets home!

And can you handle the cuteness?

What are your Valentine’s traditions?
Do you celebrate or just let the holiday go?

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