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Friday Favorites v3

Friday Favorites v3

Hey hey happy FriYAY! Guess what? While you’re reading this, I’m probably in the car on my way to North Dallas to visit my girl Julie and her baby girl Alexandria!!! I haven’t seen Julie since my 30th birthday party and her baby shower last September. We’re headed up for a fun girls weekend to just hang out, catch up and snuggle on these babies of ours.

This will be my first road trip with Chloe alone. We’ve done road trips before, but never just the two of us. It could be interesting. I have plans for 2 solid stops that will let us get out and run around for a bit along the way. I have a feeling this 4:45 journey is going to take about 6 hours. Oh boy! Stay tuned next week to see just how it goes and what advice I have!

But for today, I’m here with another volume of Friday Favorites. No exciting rhyme, reason or theme for this one. Just some favorites from this past week!

one. running with my favorite people
I had to get in a 12 mile run in for my Princess Half Marathon training last Saturday, and my two favorites ran the last 3 miles with me! It was nice to have someone to cheer me on and push me through the last little bit. It’s a lot harder to do long run when you don’t have people cheering you on from the sidelines and you don’t get an awesome medal at the finish! Naturally we took a picture at the end so that I could brag about them getting up and out the door early to help me out.

two. this silly little girl
It’s pretty much impossible for me to get a picture of her when I ask her to stand and smile these days. My great pictures are all candids and action shots. But every once in a while I catch a gem like this one. She has a cheesy smile on and is up on her tippy toes with a wild hand, but it shows her fun personality so much! I had to get one of her in this sweet outfit even though she took off her leggings and shoes before I could snap it.

three. pretty new bookcases
We ventured out to Ikea last weekend and bought this gem! Before we had the exact same shelving unit, but in black and without the doors on the bottom. The white has brightened up our living room and will look even better when we get painters in to give life to our beige walls! The cabinets on the bottom bring everything together because now most of Chloe’s toys are hidden instead of out in the open. That makes Momma happy. Props to JP for spending pretty much all day Sunday {before the Super Bowl of course} putting this together for me!

four. sweet puppy snuggles 
These two have been so snuggly lately. I think the cold, gloomy and rainy weather has them in a mood. Of course after snuggly days, they have hyper bouncing off the wall days. Wednesday was cold and rainy and these two helped keep me warm while the baby slept in.

five. these buffalo chicken sliders
Y’all this was my dinner last night. I then dreamt about them. Yes, they’re that good. Are y’all interested in a recipe? I’m already thinking about when I’ll make them again because they were just that amazing. I don’t know what else to say about them other than to me they look delish, but they taste even better!

Do you have any meals like that? If so, tell me what so I can give it a try! I’m trying to expand my recipe repertoire, so I don’t keep having the same thing over and over again.
What are some of your favorites from this past week? Moments, food, shows, anything!

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